Dear Subscribers to this List and Visitors to this Site,

 Thank you.

Thank you to infinity for your support of me and of Qoya.  Thank you for your courage to dance with the darkness, the light and the love that lives inside us all.  Thank you for being you and being part of this community.

It's been about a month since I last wrote.  And, I are you doing?  Just about everyone I speak to has been really "in it."  "In it" drawing reference to the place where things are quite intense, where the things that are no longer resonant with your deepest truth must stop.  "In it" where old habits that are not serving you must be shed like a snake sheds it skin.  "In it" in a way where the challenges of relationships, finances, jobs, health and hope all seem real.

Have you ever heard of thinking of Fear as an acronym that stood for False Evidence Appearing Real?  The idea behind that is it's considered false evidence because only love is real.

Only love is real is one of the key concepts of A Course in Miracles.  A Course in Miracles is a guidebook for a way to transition from the thoughts of fear to love, with Jesus, not solely as a literal, but a mystical example.

I went to hear Marianne Williamson speak last night.  In addition to being a prolific author, spiritual teacher and incredible orator speaking about the Course in Miracles every monday night in LA, she's also running for public office for the House of Representatives, in Los Angeles District 33, which is a miracle!    I also heard her speak on Christmas Eve last year and every time I hear her tell the story of Jesus not only as a historical event that took place two thousand and thirteen years ago, but as a mystical and archetypical event that is available to us every moment, I always take pause.

The gist is this- we are all Mother Mary and pregnant with possibility.  We are all Jesus and have the possibility to transcend fear and embody love.  We are all the manger, able to give shelter to those in need on their journey.  We are all the divine itself.

While I have never had the honor of giving birth in this body, I'm aware that being pregnant can be uncomfortable.  That there are SO MANY CHANGES that alter one's sense of reality and evoke many questions.  But, just like the sun will rise, that baby will come in it's divine time.

Amidst the blessings and challenges of each of our lives, what if we took a pregnant pause?  What if we allowed the miracles, magic and possibility swirling inside us to let it be in it's embryonic state, just as it is, without trying to rush it along prematurely.  And in our own way, prepare for the sacred birth.

Sometimes the things we are pregnant with surprise us in the way they arrive.  On my way to Africa, I stopped and had lunch with a woman who had been on one of my retreats and after our catch up she gifted me a beautiful pair of earrings.  I loved them, but I also really loved the bag and took it with me on my trip. Normally, I like to pack as light as possible and would not bring some extra packaging with me, but there was something about this bag and I kept it packed in my suitcase all the way to Africa.


photo-25Upon arriving in Zimbabwe for the first Qoya and House of Loveness service and safari retreat (stay tuned for dates for the second one next year), I was so incredibly moved to be back in Africa and mostly to feel the children's spirits with whom we would be working.
One particular child really touched my heart.  The moment I saw him, it was as if I had known him for a million years.  And as I got to know him more, I felt so much change inside of me.  He inspired me to want to make the world a better place in a completely different way than I had ever related to this task before.  It was for him and for his generation.  His presence evoked in me the desire to be able to be a supporter and cheerleader for anything he wanted to do in this world.  He's nine years old now, but this seems like the perfect time to set up a savings account for art school, college or whatever his heart feels called to pursue.  He is an orphan, but in any way I can, I'd be honored to be someone to support him on his life's journey.
I wasn't expecting to meet a member of my soul family in Africa, but I did.  And every time our heart opens- no matter what direction- it is a blessing.  The thing is I was pregnant with possibility and I didn't even know it, until this magical child was born into my life.  We are all always pregnant with possibility for the highest selves whose seeds live in us, courageously preparing to be born.

As I arrived back to my new home in LA and unpacked my things, I took out the bag with the earrings my friend had given me as a gift, the bag that for some reason I photo-26

kept and brought with me half-way across the world and back.  I looked at the roses on the bag and then I looked at the letters below.  They spelled Brighton.  Brighton was not only the name of the jewelry company who made the earrings, it was the name of the young boy I met in Zimbabwe.

Nice foreshadowing universe!

All this is to say in moments of synchronicity, magic or grace where a divine order seems the only possible way to explain a sequence of events so seemingly unrelated but geniously intertwined, if you can look at it from the right angle, are an opportunity to open for a miracle.  Those moments where we give birth to something.  And the creation of that thing that went from unmanifest to manifest is a cause of celebration.  That something or someone is born.

Whatever your faith, I encourage you to be calm and kind to the places of you that are pregnant with possibility and allow yourself to pause.  I invite you to feel the spirit of transformation each and every time you consciously choose love over fear.  I thank you for every time that you provide a manger, comfort and care to those who on their journey.  And I pray that the divine spark that lives in you and in all things is able to be born again today and everyday.

Have a Mary and Merry Mystical Christmas!!!

How to feel more magic in your life this Christmas, Holiday Season and Next Year?  Qoya!

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember.  We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.  Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice.  Wise, calling on the wisdom of yoga.  Wild, the creative expression in dance.  Free, expanding the capacity to enjoy being in one's body through sensual movement.  Qoya also creates a safe space for women to remember those things that go beyond words.  The feeling when you see a sunset, when you are on the open road and your spirit is ready for adventure, when you get caught up in the contagious laughter of a child or when you feel the warmth of your lover's body in bed.  Qoya focuses less on how it looks and more on how it feels and when it feels good that's how you know you're doing it right.

And truth be told, all the miracles in my life happen in very close relation to times in my life where I am doing more movement!  Historically, movement is what keeps you in good health to be comfortable in stillness.   The more you dance, the better.  Please visit this page with free Qoya videos and know that I am working on many more offerings for 2014.

Also, if you'd like to join us for a Qoya Retreat, we have a retreat in Mexico with Qoya and the Goddess Process February 15-22, 2014 with a handful of spots left and the 5th Annual Qoya Retreat in Costa Rica March 28- April 5th, 2014.  Would love to dance with you!

Love and light from La,