Sometimes, I wish life came with an instructions manual. Kind of like following step 1, 2, 3 of putting things together like a piece of Ikea furniture.  Sometimes, I love surrendering to the mystery. Not knowing what will happen in the end, but trusting the process along the way.  In my life, I have come across some people who do believe that life does actually come with a set of instructions, or at least some suggestions. They are astrologers.


Before making big decisions in my life, I will often check in with my dear friend and astrologer Ophi (one-half of The AstroTwins, to see what is going on in the stars and every single time there is a correlation between what I am experiencing in my life and what is going on astrologically.  The theory is this: As above, so below.  As you look at the constellations of stars and planets above and become familiar with their archetypical meanings, it's like watching a play up in the sky.  Think of the original drive-in movie.  Then, as you watch the themes, comedy, drama, etc. reveal itself above, it gives you instructions, suggestions or insight on where the energy is likely to flow down here.  On earth.


From my various readings with Ophi and from recommending her to dozens of my friends and personal clients and having her come to the Costa Rica Qoya Retreat last year to do readings, I see over and over again how learning about your chart can be a huge tool of self-awareness and empowerment in your life, so the second I heard that her and her twin sister Tali were doing a retreat in Tulum, I knew I wanted to be there as a student and then we had the idea to offer astrology themed Qoya classes and voila...Learn How To Be Your Own Astrologer with the Astrotwins in Tulum, Mexico, July 22-28, 2013 with Astrology Themed Qoya classes taught by moi.  Two points for team heaven on earth.


Astrology has been a huge influence in my life over a decade. Fore example, last year, I checked in with Ophi because I had been traveling and teaching for about a year and wasn't sure if I should settle down or keep going.  She pulled up my chart and said, "Your Jupiter is in Gemini this entire year, which is all about expansion, travel, ideas, just keep going and you'll know when it's right to settle down."  That sounded right.  About two weeks ago, I woke up one day and said to myself, "I'm done being a nomad for now.  I want a home again to make roots and will still travel and teach, but I want to create a garden, a cozy place of my own and start building a life somewhere."  Within days of my change of heart, I moved into a house in Venice, California and am so happy to be here and looking forward to sharing Qoya more through the West Coast. I then talked to Ophi and she pointed out that I decided to move into a home exactly as my Jupiter was leaving Gemini, the sign of travel, communication and being extroverted into Cancer which is about home, nurturing and the feminine.  For me, astrology can be very affirming.  I have a feeling of a change I want to make (move to LA) and then I hear Jupiter is going into Cancer (the energy in the stars is all about home and rooting for the next year).  Bam. Feeling really good about that decision.


This is most interesting to me when I look at the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.  An "age" in astrological terms lasts about 2,150 years and when we look through the lens of spiritual consciousness, the Age of Pisces has the themes of victimhood and saviors (Jesus and Guru archetypes) where the Age of Aquarius has the themes of Oneness (no hierarchy), coming together while maintaining uniqueness, it's about each person becoming your own Guru, your own Savior.  It's the shift from looking "out there" to looking inside.  And that's another reason why I love The AstroTwins. Their interpretation and approach to astrology is so empowering. It's not about doomsday forecasts or scary predictions that leave you feeling like a victim of fate. It's about teaching you which energies are available at any given time, so you can make the most of it. It's about cyclical living, and being in tune with nature like our ancestors were.   Which is perfectly in line with Qoya.


Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember.  We remember our essence, as women, is wise, wild and free.  We remember our deepest truths and we reconnect to the physical sensation that guides us through.  That physical sensation of truth becomes North on our compass and we remember to trust ourselves deeply as we navigate through life.  And as we navigate, it's good to have a map (like our astrological birth chart that we will learn how to read at the retreat!)


I invite you to join us July 22-28, 2013  for a Learn How To Be Your Own Astrologer Retreat in Tulum, Mexico at a boutique hotel right on the beach.   The daily schedule will include Astrology themed Qoya classes, Learn How to Be Your Own Astrologer Sessions, free time for adventures or rest, delicious food, ceremonies and rituals and a strong sisterhood and community of like-minded and open-hearted souls.  Four spots left and if you're feeling called, would love to dance together and share this sacred experience.


And if you're interested in learning more about Astrology, I posted info on my team of astrologers below.  To learn more about Qoya, there's also a link below to a page on my site with 11 free videos to get you moving during your day.

Thank you for being here dancing in consciousness with the the idea that through movement, we remember our deepest truths.  My prayer is that it is as true for you as it is for me and we all gather strength in our collective remembering to do the things our hearts are called to do in the this world.

Many blessings and gratitude for you,


Astrology Resources 

If you're curious to learn more about Astrology or to get a reading, my team of Astrologers are:

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Free Qoya Videos Online

To do a little Qoya today, visit our free online video page here with 11 different videos, ranging from 5 minutes to an hour.  A little movement goes a long way.  Before you move, notice how you feel and then notice how you feel after.  Is it true for you?  Through movement, do you remember?
**This pic is from my local sunset and beach dancing spot at Venice Beach.