Dear Lovely One, Thank you to the dozens and dozens of amazing men and women who came together to donate $12to $500 to the Flawless Foundation for a chance to win a raffle for a spot at the next Qoya Retreat in Costa Rica April 21-28, 2012.   All donations were matched by a generous donor and almost $5,000 were raised to fund yoga programs for children with mental illness.  I am so grateful for the spirit of generosity and interconnection present to make this magic happen.  And a special congratulations to Kathleen Hunter for winning!

For those of you who are still interested in indulging in the idea of joining us in Costa Rica, I wanted to share with you the theme.  Some past Qoya retreat themes have been exploring the woman that is wise, wild and free, dancing through the chakras while in India and dancing with the elements while in Hawaii.  The theme for our Costa Rica trip in 2012 will be Dancing with Time.

By honoring the past with gratitude, the present with our presence and the future with our biggest dreams, we will dance our way into right relationship with time.  A common struggle for women is the doubting of their own timing.  Instead, we will collect the gifts from the past like hidden treasures.  We will learn the map of Qoya to access our most wise, wild and free selves and express that into the world in present time.  We will vision our highest destiny and then magnify it by 10x or even more!

The beauty of our lives depends on our ability to dream bigger dreams, to go beyond what we know and to tap into the infinite possibility of our lives.  Through movement, we can remember these eternal truths that lie in the heart of every soul.  Sometimes we forget, but luckily through Qoya, we can all find another way to remember.

I hope that you will be able to join us!  If you are, please note that if you have a strong preference for a room you may want to book soon as there are only a couple ocean view rooms left.   See more information about the retreat, schedule and what it includes here!

May blessings wash up on your shore!

With love and gratitude,