I am a free woman, unbound and limitless in my capacity to revel in and receive pleasure.

So are you.

This is 3 of 3 in a series of blog posts that focuses on the essence of each of the core expressions of Qoya: wise, wild and free.  Hands down, one of the most powerful ways a woman can own her life is through knowing how to access her own sensual pleasure. Before I go into how this philosophy is taught, embodied and lived in Qoya, I want to credit the woman who opened up this world for me- Regena Thomashauer.  Regena, a.k.a Mama Gena, started the School of Womanly Arts in New York City which offers a 6 month Mastery program where you learn the tools and the arts of using pleasure to have your way with the world. It's also called the pleasure revolution. I've done the course 4 times. I've done the advanced course called Inner Circle 3 times.  I've had over 40 of my friends and peers do the course and I've watched hundreds of other women completely transform their lives by shifting into the power of the feminine.  In all the personal growth and development work I have done, this is one of the most unique and effective ways I have come across to tap into your feminine essence and it influences and supports myself and Qoya everyday.

Regena is launching a brand new round of her online Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, a ten-week program designed to take you out of ordinary civilian life and root you firmly in the tools, arts, and culture of the Pleasure Revolution, all from the comfort of your own home.  If you feel the calling to dive deep into your essence of being free to fully experience the joys of your life, I can't recommend her work enough.   It is because of my experience in the School fo Womanly Arts that I was able to identify my deepest desire and then have a community of women supporting me to make that big leap, which was creating Qoya.

I am forever grateful for all my experiences with the school and forever honored at the opportunity to share it with other women who are ready to take off the lid that keeps them feeling small to live the legend that is their life.  Please connect with me if you have any questions about Mama Gena's and I'd be happy to share more of my experience with you.  I do truly believe as each woman steps more into her power and her pleasure, it gives permission for another woman to do the same and another woman, and then the men in her life, and then her children, and pretty soon we've got a community of people enjoying their lives, expressing their unique gifts and truly evolving our world.  Sounds fun, huh?

Back to where we started...Qoya...wise, wild and FREE...sensual pleasure....

Sensual movement gives us permission to explore how to slow down, to indulge in circular, swirling, non-linear motion; to sway from side to side, to roll around on the floor, to circle your hips and feel the freedom of your own body.  The intention is not how the movement looks, but exploring which movements feel good in your body.

When a woman moves naturally in her body with fluidity and power, it can appear "sexy" – and it is. But, in Qoya, we don't do it to look good for an observer. We move this way to enjoy our own bodies.

Embracing our sensuality releases conscious and unconscious layers of shame, guilt and doubt that no longer serve us.  Qoya encourages each woman to remember how to access the pleasure that is always available to her through her physical form.


Stand up and place your hands on  your hips.  As slowly as possible, circle your hips a couple of times to the right breathing deep and slow.  When you feel ready to switch directions, circle your hips a couple of times to the left and start to let your hands dance anyway they want to.  Explore enjoying the feeling of touching your own body.  Here's a video from a previous blog post last year's holiday season to hip circle along with. It only takes a couple minutes and a little movement goes a long way, so give yourself a couple minutes to enjoy your body, click here to see the video and circle!

Sensuality is only one aspect of being free, but it’s important to realize that tapping into the sensual pleasure of your own body is one of the fastest ways for a woman to reclaim an aspect of her power that may have been previously given away or self-abandoned.  Knowing oneself in this way encourages not only a woman to feel free, but to feel empowered.  Being empowered sensually often translates to being empowered in life.  Qoya desires to offer women an opportunity to tap into their sensuality in a safe and sacred way and in doing so gain clarity about their desires and feel their sensual essence as fuel for the journey.

To revel in the pleasure of your own body is to accept the gift of being a woman and one of the most profound ways to say YES to your life.  Thank you for being here with us at wisewildfree.com today.  I look forward to the next time we are able to dance together.

Here's to each of us living our yes,


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Want more?  Read the Qoya newsletter sent out yesterday about how Woodstock is calling all wise, wild and free women to dance again!