I am a wild woman who thrives as she creatively expresses herself, offering her unique essence and gifts to the world.

So are you.

My vision of a wild woman is a feminine creature with a strong life force. She knows what she loves and makes it a priority. She can light up a room with her sense of humor, wear clothes that radiate her own self-expression, and is always the first person on the dance floor. Or maybe her wildness lingers on the sidelines, coy and calm, waiting for the perfect moment to emerge.

Either way, she is wild in a way that breaks past the invisible force fields of expectations. She no longer needs to be "nice.” She parties in the proverbial box, and invites others to venture out of it. She stirs your sense of adventure and encourages your curiosity. She is the most fun person you know.

She is you.

What holds us back from being Wild?

Many times in our lives, we overvalue the more masculine qualities of structure, strategy, linear thinking, predictability, and our return on investment. The cost is that we undervalue our more feminine qualities of intuition, creative expression, big desires to do what truly nourishes us, and our ability to revel in the joy of the present moment. The consequence is feeling unfulfilled by too much structure and then feeling guilty if thereʼs too much pleasure. Qoya guides you back to your essence, to connect with the wild part that lives in each woman and let her out to play.  The world needs women who are willing to be bold and a little wild now more than ever.  Let's get there.


To experience the wildness in you right now, turn on a song you love LOUD, and dance. Feel the freedom of moving any way your body wants to. Feel the life force inside of you. Move — to the music, to the beat of your heart, to your own pulse. Dance because you can no longer not dance.

When you have tapped into the feeling and freedom to be wild, creative and expressive- how can you apply that in your life?  How can you be a little wild today in a way that serves the greater good?  How can you leap forward instead of hold back?

Qoya offers an opportunity to wildly liberate yourself from habits and expectations to find more connected and creative ways to express yourself- first, in your body and movement.  Then, in the way you approach your daily life.

To go deep into your dance and deeper into the gifts that Qoya offers, I invite you to feel that wild woman come out.   Come to a class at Sacred in Brooklyn, join us for our upcoming Woodstock Retreat Labor Day Weekend and stay tuned for our online Qoya studio launching next month in September.

I look forward to dancing with you soon!

Shine On Wild Ones, Rochelle