I am a wise woman who knows what path to take, who trusts herself and sees the truth through the eyes of love.

So are you.

A wellspring of wisdom exists in all of us.  While we receive insight and inspiration from ancient spiritual texts and powerful teachers, nothing can compare to when we know something as a truth in our own heart.  It is those moments when our mind comes into full clarity and our body feels truth resonate on a cellular level.  During these times, we are powerful and can stand proudly with a high level of integrity because our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all in congruent alignment.  This is the expression of the Wise woman and she lives in all of us.

In Qoya, we call on yoga-inspired movements, breathing techniques and meditation practices with the intention of cultivating an increased awareness of own inner wisdom and a deeper trust in our ability to follow it.

After decades of a consistent movement practice, I am still in awe how movement, breathing exercises or meditating can so quickly and deeply root me in the present moment, help release any negative or stagnant energies, and remind me of my essence.  Try it for yourself.  This exercise is helpful anytime you need it, however, to have a stronger sense of awareness, do this after a movement session, breathing exercise or meditation.


Take a couple of deep breaths to ground you in the present moment.
 Think of a question you are seeking guidance about.  It’s best to start simple and as you strengthen the connection to your inner wisdom, start asking more complex questions. You’ll ask your question three times, each time accessing a different level of perception.

  1. Put one hand on your head and ask your mind what you should do. Listen for about 10 seconds.
  2. Put one hand on your heart and ask again. Listen to the voice of your heart.
  3. Put one hand between your belly and your sacred sensual center and call on your instincts.   Listen for the voice of your feminine essence.

*If your question has a simple yes/no answer, notice if your body physically contracts, which signals no, or expands, which points to yes.

Hundreds of times I have heard someone tell a story about their life where something happened and they say, “I just knew it. I had a feeling, but I didn’t listen to it.”  Most of those times, challenges could have been avoided if they had honored their inner wisdom.  However, I have never heard that story in reverse.  I’ve never been witness to someone saying, “I had a strong intuitive feeling and I followed it and it turned out I was totally wrong.”  Our intuition doesn’t always lead us to our desires on the most linear path, but it often leads us to something better that we could not have even imagined.

If you didn’t sense any strong intuitive messages this time, don’t worry. The most important step is to start calling on the wisdom that lives within.  The more you ask and are willing to listen, the more you begin to amplify the voice of your intuition and increase your sensitivity to it, which will lead you to be  able to hear the subtle messages more clearly.

At the Qoya Woodstock retreat, one of our three 2 1/2 hour Qoya movement sessions will be devoted to calling upon our own wisdom.  We will learn different techniques to tune in and access our inner voice through yoga, breathing techniques, meditation practices and free dance.

Join us for a Qoya Woodstock Retreat this Labor Day Weekend to explore the woman that is wise, wild and free, September 2-5th, 2011.  There is also an opportunity to do a Qoya Teacher Training September 2-7th, 2011 and be part of a movement that teaches other woman how to embody their essence as Wise, Wild and Free.  Click here to see more details about this upcoming retreat.  If you're thinking about coming, do the exercise above to see what guidance you get in making your decision!

Honoring the wise woman in you,