One of my last nights in Costa Rica I was lying in bed distraught, despondent and, in a way, delusional.  I was beyond upset.  There was no logical reason for me to be under the covers at 7:30pm (while in a warm beautiful tropical country in December while my contemporaries were snowed in during a New York blizzard).  However, I was sincerely contemplating going to bed and the thought of 12 hours of slumber seemed like a great idea in the pursuit of trying to find a way to ease the pain.  I’m aware of the hormonal shift that was naturally occurring in my body at that time and that the decrease in serotonin during this particular time of the month could have been a fair explanation and yet... there was such an overwhelming sadness. Instead of resisting, I dove in.  I opened myself to feel all the pain, all the sorrow and it hit me like a weight.  Like someone threw me an anchor to catch and I was holding on as it took me to the bottom of the ocean floor.  I looked around at what was there. What is this sadness? What is it’s essence?

I thought of the most recent book I read called The Diamond in Your Pocket by Gangaji, a western enlightened woman.  She says, “Just take a moment, this moment, to let everything go- the search, the denial, the rejecting, the clinging.  Let it all go and just for this moment rest in the truth of your being.  Then whatever comes after that can be seen and experienced in the context of the sanctuary of beingness.”

After a strong wave of peace and surrender came over me, I heard my inner voice encourage me to move.  Not to have to change anything, not having to make it different, but just to feel my body move and to feel the life force that animates my body.

I went to my computer and made a quick playlist titled Neosporin.  As soon as I started dancing a smile came across my face.  I actually have a theory that I’ve tested on the women that have been to my Qoya classes.  I believe that one of the easiest ways to access and embody our own happiness is to move in rhythm.  And by happiness, I really mean beingness- where you are at peace and enjoying the present moment you are experiencing.   Try and see if it is true for you too.

Here is a quick 2 minute video to feel yourself move in rhythm and notice if you too shall be released.  Released from what?  Released from whatever is blocking you from receiving all the love, abundance, health and creativity that has it’s eye on you.  Can we open enough to be present and in the present can we experience our true selves with delight? I believe we can.

The Magic of Rhythm from Rochelle Schieck on Vimeo.

Remember, the main message of Qoya is that through movement we remember.  We remember, as women, that we are wise, wild and free.  By taking a moment to move, we can tap back into the truth of ourselves and our being.  Being wise. Being wild. Being free.  Being.  Being...Released.

I'm so grateful you're here.

With love, Rochelle

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And just for fun...Nina Simone singing I shall be released.  Sending love your way.