Welcome to the first day of wisewildfree.com! WiseWildFree is an online space for women to get back into their bodies and remember that we are all wise, wild and free. To get the benefit out of these posts, set aside a couple of minutes to do them. This is all experiential, i.e. no profound a-ha’s through speed reading. Ready? Each exercise takes a couple of minutes and has:

1) a question to evoke your introspection and awareness 2) movement instructions given via text, video or audio 3) an intention to focus on the power of your mind and infuse meaning into your movement 4) music recommendations and free audio streaming via playlist.com how to take it with you - a quick and easy way to take it into your day

My invitation to you:

Dream big with me. And then, dream bigger.

Dream Week: Imagine from rochelle schieck on Vimeo.

This website and the Qoya movement system were once just a dream and now here it is...a living and breathing manifestation of what I envisioned.

It always starts with a dream.

Question: If you had to choose one, what would be your biggest dream right now? If you could write the next chapter of your life, what would the title of it be called? If you could imagine one thing that would be a more authentic expression of your true self in the world...what would it be? Take a moment to think about it and write it down.

Movement: Super simple.  Make circles with your body, like you are tracing a globe. First with your arms. Then ankles. Knees. Hips. Rib cage. Shoulders. Slowly. Most importantly, enjoy it.  You’re doing it right when it feels good.

Intention:  Take your dream into your body and with every circle you make, imagine what your dream manifested would look like, taste like, smell like...feel like. Imagine as you circle the image of a globe, you are dreaming your world into being. Please note: there may be two common road blocks:

1- Distraction or day dreaming-just keep coming back to your dream, put the piece of paper in front of you to keep reading it. 2- Denial or thinking it won’t happen. Uh-oh. Doubt is one of the most dangerous creatures around. When it bites, it can paralyze you for too long.

What to do if road blocks arise?

1- Be courageous. It takes courage to dream big. One of my favorite definitions of courage is from Osho. He says, “Courage is when your desire gets larger than your fear.” Let what you want get bigger than what you think you might lose.

2- Enjoy your dream. Enjoy the part of you that can imagine. Enjoy the moments that you feel how it would feel in your body fully manifested.

Music: Imagine by Eva Cassidy, click on the sidebar playlist along with the video or when you dance on your own.

Take it with you: Throughout your day- if you are in line for tea, waiting for someone to call you back or in a bathroom line- simply circle your body and imagine your dream by visualizing it.  We spend so much of our days focusing on our obligations, take a couple minutes and then a couple moments throughout your day to be present with your dreams.

- You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

And the dance begins! Rochelle

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