Join Qoya teacher Lyndsey Azlynne from wherever you are in the world to take the second step in Qoya teacher training: the Initiation. After you take our Intro to Qoya online training to get a foundation of what Qoya is and how to do it, the next step is Initiation training in which you break down the nuts and bolts of teaching and get a deeper understanding of the philosophies underlying each pillar of a Qoya class.

This training will take place over 4 sessions via Zoom, an online webinar platform. It will include all the same curriculum as an in person Initiation training, including the opportunity to teach each part of a Qoya class.


March 2nd: 11am - 3pm EST
March 3rd: 11am - 3pm EST
March 9th: 11am - 3pm EST
March 10th: 11am - 3pm EST


*A strong high-speed internet connection
*A computer/laptop with video capability (The course cannot be done on a phone or other mobile device.)
*A free Zoom account on
*A Spotify account
*A phone or mobile device to play Spotify on, separate from your computer

Prerequisites: Intro to Qoya Online Training

What you'll get: tuition includes the live online training on Zoom and our online Initiation Training supplement, which includes 11 video and audio Qoya classes

If you have questions, please contact Lyndsey directly at

To complete the full Initiation requirement to be eligible for the Intensive, you will:

-attend ALL of the scheduled sessions in this training (If you must miss a session, please do not register.)
-take 11 Qoya class either online or in person
-teach 11 Qoya classes to friends and family
-submit review forms for 3 classes

*You can also attend Initiation training if you do not wish to complete the Intensive, but simply wish to deepen your home practice.

What you'll learn: Through the live online training with accompanying online course, you will learn teaching methods, practice what you’ve learned by teaching to friends and family, and most importantly, deepen your understanding of Qoya through your own experience.

Who you're certified to teach: Friends and Family for free

Cost: $600