You prepared, you taught, and you successfully completed the Qoya Intensive!

Now, we are thrilled to finally extend to you the OFFICIAL Qoya Teacher Training Agreement that extends you the license to use the Qoya trademark to offer and promote Qoya classes for profit to the general public.

The process of making this agreement available for you has been arduous! A couple years ago, Qoya was sued by a billion dollar company for our trademark. It took a lot of time and resources for us to settle, and while this lawsuit was still up in the air, our lawyer encouraged us to wait until settling before we legally certified you to teach (since if we lost the Qoya trademark, we wouldn’t be able to license it to you).

We’re happy to share that Qoya’s trademark is now 100% legit and 100% ours. We never imagined this process would take over 2 years, but it did, and we thank you for your patience.

Our lawyer is a terrific guy, and he’s covered EVERY situation in this agreement that we could think of, but the result is a very long and technical agreement. Below are our interpretations of the legalese for you if you need guidance (but seriously - we love him).

With any of these terms, if you have questions at any time, please contact us at If you’re not sure something breaks the agreement? Please ask. Our hope in making this document is  that this can be as straightforward as possible.

With love, gratitude, and excitement!

Rochelle and Team Qoya


1.1 - This is a living contract that can be modified as needed.

1.2 - This document states you are eligible to lead Qoya classes, for which you keep all of your earnings. In the future, if you apply and become eligible to lead Qoya Teacher Trainings or Retreats, you will be asked to sign a payment schedule to accompany this agreement that details the profit shares for those programs.

1.3 - You’re devoted to being the best Qoya teacher you can be!

1.4 - If we receive feedback that you're not following the philosophies and practices as taught in the Manual and Teacher Training, we will contact you within 30 days and you'll have 10 days to respond.

1.5 - If you need a substitute teacher, you must organize another Certified Qoya Teacher to take your place. You’re not certified to license someone to be a Qoya Teacher; only teachers licensed through Qoya are eligible to substitute.



2 - Once you've committed yourself to offering an event, you need to follow through and teach.



3.1 - The Qoya certification allows you to teach classes, workshops, personal movement rituals, and private sessions only, and ensures that you won't teach a movement class that's strikingly similar to Qoya and call it something else. It does not give you eligibility to lead Qoya retreats or teacher trainings; those both have an application process. You are more than welcome to offer Qoya as one of multiple offerings at a non-Qoya retreat; however, the Qoya Teacher Certification does not certify you to lead a "Qoya retreat" or teacher training. Example: you can lead a “Wise Woman Retreat” where you offer Qoya, yoga, meditation, and other offerings (yes!) VERSUS leading a “Qoya Wise Woman Retreat” (no!).

3.2 - You'll teach Qoya as it was taught to you in training and manuals without changing things, and if you're calling it a Qoya class, it must have all 13 pillars. If you're short on time, then pick short songs to maintain the integrity of the Qoya experience. You'll use the Qoya branding in marketing your classes, sign up for the Continuing Education every year, and follow all the laws for doing business where you're teaching. You'll send us your new address if you move, and support other teachers.

3.3 - The purpose of the Qoya website is to support teachers who are teaching. It also aims to connect students with teachers who they can take a class with. To make this happen, we request that you teach a minimum of 11 classes per year in order to be listed on the website. You can offer these 11 classes all at once, one per month - however works for you. And if you don't want to be listed on the website, no sweat. It’s not required.

3.4 - Hosting events with an overnight component involves many variables, so to save you the trouble, your classes and workshops should not involve any type of accommodations or overnight element. If you want to offer Qoya workshops that require an overnight, you should explore applying for our Retreat Facilitator Program.



4.1 - This reiterates that Qoya is our intellectual property that this agreement grants permission for you to use.

4.2 - Hey, Qoya is trademarked! By being a certified teacher, you have permission to use our trademark and branding to market your classes!

4.3 - This point acknowledges that anything Qoya-related that you co-create in the container of Qoya is not solely your original work and falls under Qoya's copyright. This mainly applies to Rochelle's collaborators for retreats and teacher trainings as they choose to share their offerings and give permission for Qoya to use them.



5 - You keep all the money you earn from your Qoya classes, unless it's a special event in which you're collaborating with us which will fall under a different agreement.



6 - You're not an employee of Qoya, so we don't determine when and where you teach.



7 - If you do work for us that requires us to issue you a tax form (i.e. for a special event), you'll be paid as an independent contractor with no tax withheld. You're responsible for paying tax on this income, along with any other income you make as a Qoya teacher.



8 - This reiterates that as a teacher, you're not an employee of Qoya, so just like running any business, you're responsible for things like insurance, worker's comp, etc. especially if you have employees.  



9 - You're responsible for all the materials you need for class. If you ever borrow anything from us and we ask for it back, please send it back.




What's confidential? The Manual.

What's not confidential? Rochelle's book.

10.1 - As a teacher, we give you lots of information that's not available to the public. Like this agreement. A lot of the items that this agreement pertains to, you probably won't have access to - but if you do, keep it confidential.

10.2 - Anything Qoya-related that you co-create in the container of Qoya falls under the umbrella of confidential.

10.3 - Not sure if something is confidential? Ask us.

10.4 - Even if you decide not to renew your license, you still agree to protect and preserve confidential information (i.e. the Manual).

10.5 - This reiterates that all the materials and resources we give you are for personal use only and shouldn't be shared.

10.6 - If we ever give you a confidential item that we need back, you agree to send it back.

10.7 - If you know our materials are being misused, let us know.



11.1 - We acknowledge that many Qoya teachers are entrepreneurs, so this is in regards to advertising your services with the intention to block or take business away from Qoya.

11.2 - You agree not to to block any of Qoya's relationships.

11.3 - You agree to maintain a high level of respect when speaking about Qoya.

11.4 - If you're thinking of collaborating with another business on something Qoya-related, let us know!



12 - You take responsibility for your availability to teach, following the laws where you teach, and protecting Qoya's reputation in all you do.



13 - You are 100% responsible for the liability of your teaching business. To protect yourself, you'll maintain a general business liability insurance policy and collect a signed waiver from each student. Resources and recommendations for this are available on the Portal.



14 - Obviously, we would never want to spend any time in court. However, if you're involved in criminal activity that affects Qoya, that is a possible outcome.



15. 1 - Either of us can end this agreement with 30 days' notice.

15. 2 - Qoya can cancel the agreement with 10 days' notice if you break any of its terms. Also, in the unlikely event that Qoya owes you money and you go bankrupt, we will be forced legally to pay your creditors instead of you.



16.1 - If either of us terminate this agreement, it needs to be in writing with a return receipt requested (i.e. certified delivery by mail).

16.2 - If we need to resolve any issues, the first attempt will be in mediation. If we have to go to court, this will take place in Washington state (where our lawyer practices).

16.3 - If we decide to make an exception to part of this agreement for you, this doesn't mean the rest of it can be disregarded.

16.4 - If one part of this agreement is seen as invalid in court, that doesn't mean the whole agreement is invalid.

16.5 - If there are successors beyond the original signees of this document, they are still responsible for its terms.

16.6 - If there are any amendments made to this agreement, they count as part of the agreement. 

16.7 - If changes are made to this agreement, we'll let you know in writing.



17 - After you pass from this earthly realm, you agree to support the Qoya community in angelic form. (Just kidding :-)

Again, please let us know if you have any questions.

Once you sign the agreement, you'll receive a link to register for the Continuing Education Program and a .PDF certificate within 5 business days.