Shine Your Light

You want to go deep in your work.
In your relationships.
In your experience of living as an embodied soul on this planet.

You’re ready to go within and trust yourself more.

You want to express your emotions without holding back,
both in conversations with others and in the way you move your body.

You’re ready to stop holding back period.
You want the courage to be honest about what you want,
and to joyfully and wholeheartedly pursue it.

Welcome to an embodied pilgrimage to the wild woman within.

No matter where you are on your journey, opportunities are presented every day for you to either express your truth or repress it. 

The challenge to express yourself is an invitation that is extended to you again and again, and the practices that Qoya offers will always provide a pathway back to your source, no matter what the circumstances of this invitation may be.

A new promotion you hope to get or have gotten.
A project you wish to birth into the world.
A new relationship.
Letting go of an old relationship.

Perhaps it’s simply expanding the practice of living your wise, wild, and free essence every single day, not only on special occasions.

Wise is knowing your truth.
Wild is standing for your truth and staying committed to yourself.
Free is having the space to speak your truth, to speak from your soul.

This summer, you can embody these essences and go deep into the practices that support them with Qoya at Kripalu.

This is classic Qoya, pure and simple. It will be the perfect introduction to Qoya if you’ve never experienced it before, and it will be a powerful deepening of your practice if you’ve taken our classes or retreats before.

We will also be celebrating the Summer Solstice and harnessing the specific energy it offers.

It will be easy and full of fun, loving support while you’re immersed in the stunning natural beauty of Massachusetts in the summer. We are honored to offer this retreat at Kripalu, the largest and most established retreat center for yoga, health, and holistic living in North America, which has been offering education for wholeness - mind, body, and spirit - for over 30 years.

The wild woman within you doesn’t have to just live within.

The wild woman who expresses and stands for her truth is you, and she can be embodied on this retreat and beyond. 


For all the souls called on this retreat, I am beyond excited to share one of the most initiatory movement experiences I have ever had, led by Parashkati called the Dance of Liberation. Parashakti will be offering a Dance Of Liberation experience on this retreat one evening and will also be available for Soul Healing Sessions.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, and descended from a long line of spiritual teachers, Parashakti moved to the United States, where she spent two years studying yoga and living at the ashrams of Integral Yoga. While at the ashram she began her studies of Trance Dance™ with Shaman Wilbert Alix, which drew her to the wisdom circles of Native American ceremonies. Both of these led her to develop the powerful, life-changing process known as Dance of Liberation™. Dance of Liberation integrates shamanic journeying, hands-on healing, drumming, global music and the use of a blindfold to dissolve participants’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages.

Parashakti has worked with over 10,000 dancers from around the world and led workshops and retreats at some of the world’s leading holistic centers. Her mission is to open the possibility for people to achieve a liberating sense of wholeness and joy through the fluid, healing, and exhilarating integration of body, mind and spirit.

"Thank you, from the depths of my heart, soul, being body. You have found me and freed me and brought me home. I will never be the same. I don't often have the words to express my gratitude for life changing moments, and while I know the divine led me there, danced through us, wove her magic spell and cloth around us... you were at the wheel. And I am belly laughing, tear leaking eyes, heart to the earth with gratitude. Thank you for this cellular teaching of my body's wisdom, of ecstatic sisterhood, of divinity here on earth, of reverence. I will simply never be the same. Everything is changing, everything is open. Qoya is life, you were right, it is a lifestyle of reverence."

-ELIZA REYNOLDS, author of "Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years"

SAMPLE ITINERARY (actual times will vary)

Sunday, June 18th: Arrival Day
2:15 pm: Check-in begins; rooms are ready by 4:00 pm (Luggage Room available to store bags until 4:00)
5:30–7:00 pm: Dinner
6:45–7:15 pm: Guest Welcome Session
7:30–9:00 pm Opening program session

Monday through Thursday, June 19th - 22nd: Daily Schedule
7:00-8:30am: Breakfast
8:30-11:30am: Program Session
11:30-1:30pm: Lunch
1:45-3:45pm: Program Session
4:00-6:00pm: Free Time or Initiation Teacher Training (optional)
5:30-7:30pm: Dinner
7:30-9:00pm: Free Time (8pm Thursday Fire Ceremony)

Friday, June 23: Departure Day
7:00-8:30am: Breakfast
9:00am-11:00pm: Program Session
12:00pm: Checkout Time (Luggage room available to store bags until your departure)
11:30-1:30pm: Lunch (departure day lunch is included in your stay)


Initiation Teacher Training is available at Kripalu! To sign up, simply:

1) Register for the retreat through Kripalu.

2) Register for the Kripalu Teacher Training on our website. After you purchase it, you will receive access the online components of the Initiation Training program, which includes online classes and materials to support your Initiation teaching journey.


Your tuition and accommodation fees include:

  • Daily Qoya movement classes that combine yoga, dance, and sensual movement
  • Rituals and conscious community-building exercises to honor, nurture, and express your soul
  • 5 nights’ accommodation
  • 3 delicious, nourishing meals per day
  • Access to Kripalu’s amenities: yoga classes, sauna, labyrinth, walking and hiking trails, lakefront beach area, fitness room, cafe, and bookstore

They do not include:

  • travel costs to and from Kripalu
  • Healing Arts Sessions - Kripalu has a healing arts center for bodywork, massage, etc. that can be booked separately.

The retreat tuition is $340, plus the accommodation fees, which range from $435-875 and up depending on what housing option you choose. 

Registration is run through Kripalu, but please reach out to us at if you have questions.