Jo Blackman

Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand

I teach Qoya monthly on the Saturday evening closest to the 
Full Moon from 7-9.30pm, in my magical studio ‘HeartSpace’ in Titirangi, Auckland (or outside under the moon and stars at a local beach when our hearts call us!).


I am an Earth Mama, a Moon and Star Gazer, a Sun lover, a Deep Diver into the depths of the Feminine Heart, a Ritual and Ceremony Creatrix, and live and love from the rhythms of my heart space. I have a passion for working heart to heart with women, supporting women to remember our essence, and creating a supportive, nurturing community of sisterhood. My calling for working heart to heart with women began with a Masters Degree in Psychology. Since becoming a Mama, Qoya and Yoga Nidra have been the portals to re-membering my own essence – through the magic of movement and ceremony in Qoya and deep rest in Yoga Nidra. I now offer Qoya in the energy of the Full Moon, and Yoga Nidra in the energy of the New Moon each month, connecting into the rhythms and resonance of the moon to re-member our Divine Feminine essence.  HeartSpace is the healing sanctuary from which I dance this magic into the world, nestled within the beautiful natural wilderness of Titirangi (translated as ‘the edge of heaven’ in Maori).  

I am Mama to two beautiful children who are the hearts that live and dance outside my body, and who, with my Divine, magical husband and soulmate, are the hearts and souls of my life.  

When did you take your first Qoya class? September 11, 2016 – My heart found ‘home’ in Samar’s back garden where she completed a magical Qoya class themed ‘Spirit on Fire’ with a fire ceremony. My spirit was literally on fire, and within two days after this class I was signed up to complete Initiation Qoya Teacher Training! 

What does it mean for you to teach Qoya? It means re-membering my essence as a woman… It means re-membering the magic of ceremony… It means re-membering the power of sisterhood and community… It means re-membering my soul and heart’s passion to be of service in this life… Before I found Qoya, or Qoya found me, I was feeling the strongest calling to be ‘of service’ outside my role as a Mama of young children (my youngest was 2 years old). I spoke this wish/intention/prayer to my mother the day before my very first Qoya class, and the words on my very first oracle card in my very first Qoya class read ‘Your wish is granted!’

What is your favorite song to dance to right now? I am loving ‘Resilient’ by Rising Appalachia – it speaks so powerfully to the journey of re-membering, of connection, and holds magical memories of dancing in the energy of the moon and in sisterhood. 

What book has inspired you on the path to embodying the feminine? Oh so many books, and so many on my list to read! The books that have most inspired me are from the embodiment practices I teach – ‘Qoya’ by Rochelle Schieck and ‘Daring to Rest’ by Karen Brody. These two practices are like sacred soul sisters, and the books are a portal into this magical path of embodying the feminine.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of taking a Qoya class for the first time? If you’re feeling drawn to Qoya, surrender to your heart’s knowing and let it lead the way... For me, Qoya has been the answer to my prayers, my calling, and a beautiful sisterhood. Through the magic of movement and ceremony, it ignites the deepest joy, a strong sense of wholeness, and the sacredness of life. Qoya brings us back home to the power and rhythm of our own heart and ripples out connecting us to all that is – what could be more magical than that!