True Nature

We are living in a time often called the turning of the ages with personal and collective change around and inside of us.  

It’s normal for fears, negative patterns, resistance, and discouragement to arise in the waves of intensity.

And still — perhaps there’s a place in each of us that believes in ourselves, in each other, in our world?

How do we strengthen our connection to the courage it takes to hold a vision for our highest becoming?

By connecting to our True Nature.

How do we connect with our true nature?

By reconnecting with the true nature of this world.

Honoring our bodies.

Honoring the earth.

Honoring life.

Finding the ways in which to be in right relationship with ourselves, with the earth, and with one another.


For the last ten years, Qoya has been living into these questions.

This retreat is an invitation to embody the medicine of this moment by nourishing yourself with the practices of movement, ritual, community and pilgrimage.  

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember our essence is wise, wild and free, and through ritual, community, and pilgrimage, we honor that remembering.

Imagine 6 days and nights of a schedule designed to nourish your connection to remembering your essence, reconnecting with nature, and empowering you to embody the radiant expression of love you are.

On this retreat, you will:

+ enjoy Qoya classes embodying the woman that is wise, wild and free every day

+ eat fresh, nutritious meals

+ have adventures and outings in the abundant natural beauty of Hawaii

+ receive teachings from Hawaiian elders on best practices of being in right relationship with the land and spirit

+ learn energy healing practices to support your healing and empowerment

+ participate in rituals to strengthen your connection with the divine

+ rest and be rejuvenated and nourished by the powerful life force of the land

+ experience opportunities to deepen your trust in yourself

+ be a part of conscious community with other like-hearted women


January 16th, 2019 — Arrive to the Big Island of Hawaii
3-5pm: Check in to the Ailani Orchards Farm
6pm: Welcome Ceremony
7pm: Opening Dinner
Resting for a good night’s sleep

January 17th, 2019
7am: Breakfast
8am: Farm Tour and introduction to the land
10am: Opening Ceremony at Volcano (Please bring a small offering from your home.)
1pm: Lunch at Volcano
3pm: Afternoon Swim
5pm: Qoya Class and Awakening Ritual
7pm: Dinner

January 18th, 2019
6am: Early Morning Awakening for Coffee and Fruit
7am: Pu’uwai Sunrise Water Cleansing Ceremony at Black Sand Beach
9:30am: Return back for Breakfast
11am: Qoya Class and Water Ritual
1pm: Lunch
3pm: Afternoon Session with Elizabeth: Inka Energy Practices
7pm: Dinner

January 19th, 2019
7am: Optional Morning Meditation and Breathing Exercises
8am: Breakfast
10am: Qoya Class and Devotion Ritual
1pm: Lunch
3pm: Waterfall Outing
7pm: Dinner
9pm: Moonbathing and Stargazing

January 20th, 2019
7am: Optional Morning Meditation and Breathing Exercises
8am: Breakfast
10am: Qoya Class and Fire Ritual
1pm: Lunch
3pm: Full Moon Empowerment Initiation
8pm: Dinner
9pm: Moonbathing and Stargazing

January 21st, 2019 - Collective Empowerment Ceremony at Green Sand Beach
7am: Breakfast
8am: Qoya Class to Embody our Deepest Desire Offering
11am: Collective Empowerment Ceremony at Green Sand Beach
1pm: Lunch at Beach
5pm: Closing Ceremony
7pm: Closing Dinner

January 22nd, 2019 — Departure Day
7am: Morning Movement to start the day
8:30am: Breakfast
10:30am: Blessings on your next adventure!  




Rochelle Schieck is the founder of Qoya. Since its inception in 2009, she has trained hundreds of Qoya teachers, taught thousands of Qoya movement classes, and led dozens of retreats in the most sacred places on earth with one intention in mind: to remember, and to help others do the same. Her work has been featured in outlets like New York Magazine,, The Telegraph, and Psychology Today.



We are incredibly honored to co-create this retreat with Elizabeth Jenkins, the international best-selling author of three books on the Inka Nature Wisdom tradition of Peru that she has studied for more than 30 years. Elizabeth is an organic farmer, mom, and director of the Wiraqocha Foundation that she founded in 1996 to support the Q'ero with clean water, education, and health projects. She is dedicated to the Ñust'a Paqos (the Q'ero Women Paqos), the female wisdom lineage of Qoyas and Apus of Peru, and is currently deep in her research into the Sacred Feminine City of Miskayani. The Wiraqocha Foundation serves as the US umbrella organization for

Elizabeth shares:

“The Q’ero people of Peru understand nature and the way in which we humans are related to it in a manner that is staggering. It is my hope that the application of this knowledge will result in our deeper global collaboration with Nature through which we can provide ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren with what we all need most — a future.”

A portion of each person's tuition will support the Q'ero Womens Health Center Project in Peru.


This retreat will be held at `Ai Lani Orchards (meaning “to eat heaven” or “spiritual food”), an organic farm on the southernmost point of the Big Island, just upland from the last 80 mile stretch of undeveloped coastline in Hawaii. The deep, rich, volcanic soil of their lava zone provides the perfect growing condition for organic coffee, delectable macadamia nuts, and juicy citrus fruit. There will be opportunities to work on the farm, contributing to a group service project during the retreat. Our delicious, nourishing food will be prepared by an amazing chef. Please note this is a comfortable and beautiful place to stay offering casual housing in a rustic farm environment in the midst of our adventures to different special and beautiful places on the island. If you have any questions about our housing or rooms, please reach out to us.

How to Get There: Fly into Kona or Hilo. The farm is equidistant from either airport. We'll encourage people to coordinate renting cars and carpooling the 1.5 hours to the farm. Once you register, reach out to us, and we can help you coordinate!

Pricing is per person:

SOLD OUT: Twin Bed in Shared Room, Shared Bathroom: $2,499

SOLD OUT: Double Bed in Private Room, Shared Bathroom: $2,598

SOLD OUT: Queen Bed in Private Room, Shared Bathroom: $2,598

SOLD OUT: King or Queen Bed in Private Room, Private Bathroom: $2,778


This retreat is for women ages 18 and up. All movement levels are welcome.

Your retreat tuition includes:

  • 6 nights’ accommodation

  • 3 nourishing meals a day

  • Qoya classes and rituals

  • All excursions in the itinerary

Your retreat tuition does not include:

  • Travel to Hawaii

  • Transportation to the farm


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Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel for any reason and we can find a person to take your spot, we will refund the amount paid minus a $250 administration fee. If we cannot find a person to take your spot, there are no refunds; however, you can transfer your paid spot to someone else, so you can send a friend or family member to the retreat in your place.



Honor your body.

Honor the earth.

Honor life itself.

If you feel called to connect with your true nature, please join us.