Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

You’re tired of living life on the surface.

The daily grind.
Small talk.
Getting by.
“I’m fine.”

Weeks, months, and maybe even years can pass by feeling like you’re simply going through the motions.

Do you ever ask yourself:
How can I do more with this time I’ve been given?
How can I slow down and go deeper?
How can I truly enjoy each day?
How can I stay present and awake for my own life?

The answers to these questions can be scary.
They require change and growth.
There are no guarantees what will happen if you follow them.
Sometimes they don’t follow commonly accepted ideas of success.

What if I told you the only measure of success is the place where your decision comes from?

What if any decision you make is the right decision as long as it is sourced from your heart, your truth, and your love?

Sounds good, right?

It can be that good.

This retreat will help you reclaim the power to be your own spiritual authority by remembering how to feel the physical sensation of truth in your body.

When you leave, your inner voice will sound loud and clear.
You will stop doubting yourself, and stop living with a facade over your true self.

You will feel like yourself again.

This is an invitation for you to show up as you are today.
Not a year from now after you’ve finished that project, lost 10 pounds, reorganized your home, or met the love of your life.
It’s the call of your emotional freedom, waiting for you to come claim it.
Freedom from martyring yourself for your job, your friends, your family, or even to the idea of what you “should” be doing and who you “should” be.

The truth is that shining your light is the most selfless action you can take.
It’s how you take care of yourself and the world.
This retreat is the place where you can show up and shine, authentically and fully expressed.

It’s also the howl from your soul that, when put into the air, helps the rest of your tribe find you.

“Qoya is about returning to the Self - the natural self, the feminine self, the self that desires and delights in every morsel of being alive. There are so many gifts inherent in this practice. After years of dedicating myself to disciplined practices for achievement, Qoya was the first thing that allowed me to sense and fully savor. THIS is where the magic is. My willingness to relish wakes  me up in ways that much of my previous training and effort never could.”

VIRGINIA R, Past Retreat Attendee


For all the souls called on this retreat, I am beyond excited to share one of the most initiatory movement experiences I have ever had, led by Parashkati called the Dance of Liberation. Parashakti will be offering a Dance Of Liberation experience on this retreat one evening and will also be available for Soul Healing Sessions.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, and descended from a long line of spiritual teachers, Parashakti moved to the United States, where she spent two years studying yoga and living at the ashrams of Integral Yoga. While at the ashram she began her studies of Trance Dance™ with Shaman Wilbert Alix, which drew her to the wisdom circles of Native American ceremonies. Both of these led her to develop the powerful, life-changing process known as Dance of Liberation™. Dance of Liberation integrates shamanic journeying, hands-on healing, drumming, global music and the use of a blindfold to dissolve participants’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages.

Parashakti has worked with over 10,000 dancers from around the world and led workshops and retreats at some of the world’s leading holistic centers. Her mission is to open the possibility for people to achieve a liberating sense of wholeness and joy through the fluid, healing, and exhilarating integration of body, mind and spirit.


May 7th, 2016
5pm: Opening Ceremony
8pm: Dinner

Sample Daily Schedule (subject to change)
7-7:30am: Optional Breathing and Meditation
8-9am: Bountiful Breakfast
9:30am-12pm: Qoya Class
12pm-2pm: Lovely Lunch and time to rest
2pm-5pm: Afternoon Adventure or Workshop
5-7pm: Free Time and Delicious Dinner
7:30-10pm: Evening Ceremonies (Gratitude Despacho, Cacao, Fire and other Visionary Ceremonies)

May 14th, 2016
8am: Morning Meditation and Breathing
9am - 10am: Breakfast
10am - 11am: Qoya Class
Blessings for your next adventure

Teacher Training Option: This retreat will complete your Initiation Teacher Training requirement if you are currently pursuing Qoya Teacher Training. The cost is $600, and is not included in your retreat tuition.


“Imagine for a moment you had your very own guardian angel who not only insured you danced wildly and stopped in silence at sunsets, but also one that reminded you gently to step outside of your limits and into the possibilities of laughter, love and the divine.

In this retreat, you have two angels. The first is Rochelle Schieck, the kindest type of fierce and the fiercest type of kind, who will bring you to your feet and move you through the labyrinths of devastation, wisdom and beauty.

The second angel you will discover is yourself, open-hearted and aware, designing inner wings that are ready to do the work of being in service to your highest destiny and most divine path.

And along the way, there is delicious healthy food, exquisite self care, arousing waters, deeply wonderful synchronicity, reminders of the sweetness of life, and a joyous goddess community.

Finally, the best part is at the end of the weekend, you get to hug Rochelle tightly goodbye and bring that second angel home and begin to dwell in divine possibility.”

WENDY C, Past Retreat Attendee


The retreat will be held at a retreat center by the beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. It is a place I was called to visit for many years, and when I answered the call, I knew immediately what truly sacred ground it is. It is easily one of the top 3 places I’ve ever been. Now, my desire is to take you where I was called so you can experience the call of the water yourself, the strength of the volcano, the sweetness of the flowers, the abundance of the jungle, and most importantly, the quiet.

Single Occupancy means you will have the room to yourself.
Double Occupancy means you will have a roommate.

There are 3 houses at the center with a variety of room options:

Lotus House (Double Only): Our Lotus House complex hosts gracefully appointed rooms with private baths featuring stone showers or built-in bathtubs. Additionally, the rooms offer stunning lake view balconies or glorious garden patios. Tara Temple/Studio is conveniently located on the top floor. Lotus house’s central location makes it easily accessible to all Villa Sumaya’s amenities: hot tub, sauna, studios, restaurant, bar and courtyard, herb garden and store.

Maya Rose House (Single or Double): The Maya Rose ranch style house has 7 rooms varying in size and décor. Each room is uniquely appointed with warm inviting interiors. All rooms include sensational lake view patios. Conveniently located near the courtyard, dining room, gardens and boutique, these are the best rooms for anyone with mobility issues.

Bungalows (Single or Double): These are two cozy hand crafted rooms with unique charm and gorgeous views. Room 8, our double occupancy room, has a snug bedroom with a queen bed as well as a separate sitting area and a spacious wooden deck, complete with a hand-made cotton hammock. Room 9, our single occupancy room, is our cozy thatched roof “lookout” room with an expansive vista and rustic charm, featuring a queen size bed and a spacious bathroom built imaginatively into the hillside.

*For the Lotus and Bungalow Double Occupancy options, you can select either a Twin or Queen bed. You will have a roommate, but will have the bed to yourself.



This retreat is for women only. All ages and movement levels are welcome.

Your tuition includes:

  • 7 nights eco accommodation
  • 3 meals a day of delicious, nourishing food
  • Qoya classes and rituals
  • 1-hour massage

Your tuition does not include:

  • travel to Guatemala
  • shuttle to the retreat center

Make your $500 deposit to hold your space today.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel for any reason and we can find a person to take your spot, we will refund the amount paid minus a $250 administration fee. If we cannot find a person to take your spot, there are no refunds; however, you can transfer your paid spot to someone else, so you can send a friend or family member to the retreat in your place.

Rochelle Schieck, Qoya Founder

Rochelle Schieck, Qoya Founder

Please don’t wait any longer.

Decide today that you will experience life

shining your light as the person you are,

the person you were born to be.

Decide that you will be true to yourself,

and that the decision will be easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What time of day does the course start, and what time does it finish?

It starts with dinner at 6pm on the 7th, and ends at 11am on the 14th! We recommend that you arrive around 4pm on the 7th to have time to settle in before dinner.

+ How do I get to the retreat center?

Villa Sumaya, our retreat center, is located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala near the village of Santa Cruz La Laguna. The Villa is only a 10 minute boat ride from Panajachel, which is a 3 hour drive from Guatemala’s international airport in Guatemala City. Private shuttles from the airport may be organized via email at Payments for shuttles will be paid directly to the shuttle company. Local boat transportation from Panajachel’s Tzanjuyu (sounds like san-who-you) dock is available every half hour (more or less) from 7:00am to 5:30pm, after 5:30pm there are two more boats at 6:30 and 7:30pm. Price is about Q20 per person (about $3.00). Ask the boat driver to drop you off at the Villa Sumaya dock; otherwise you will have a 15 minute walk from the main Santa Cruz dock. We recommend for late arrivals (after 5:30pm) that you order a private boat. This can be arranged at the docks starting at $25.00 per trip with 1-2 people and $25-30 for 3-5 people. Villa Sumaya can also arrange for private boats at any arrival time. If you would like for us to organize a private shuttle from the Airport or Antigua, and/ or a private boat from Panajachel to our dock, just email in advance. Private boat fees can be added to your guest bill, but shuttle fees must be paid to the driver. They accept U.S. dollars or Guatemalan Quetzals.

+ If I arrive a day early, will Villa Sumaya allow me to pay for an extra night and stay there?

You can contact them directly to arrange this at

+ What is the Initiation Teacher Training?

Initiation Teacher Training is our second level of teacher training for those people pursuing the journey of becoming a Certified Qoya Teacher or who wish to form their own home practice. If you are a regular Qoya participant, Teacher Training is an amazing way to bring more structure and inspiration to your personal practice, and to go deeper into the fundamentals of Qoya. Similarly, if you are new to Qoya and wish to dive deep with the practices, teacher training is a wonderful way to submerge yourself in all things wise wild and free. For more information:

+ I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Any questions we haven't covered here? Email us at