As we transition towards the end of the year, there’s a saying:

"What you look for is often what you see." 

Are you willing to look for the places this year that have touched your heart, nourished your soul, inspired your mind, and expanded your love?

If so, we would love to share this Qoya class and gratitude ceremony with you.


Villa Sumaya-253.jpg

Qoya is a movement practice based on the idea that through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Wise, wild and free also reference the movement forms we practice in class:

Wise = Yoga

Wild = Dance

Free = Sensual Movement

There are no levels in Qoya and no way to do it wrong! The way you know you're doing it right is when it feels good - but more than feeling good that it feels true.

This class will be offered by donation. 

Each person has the opportunity to choose to receive the class as a gift or offer an energy exchange.  

Please note because there is limited space for this class, a $20 charge will be collected and returned to you after class when you arrive.  However if you do not make the class, it will be kept. 

Suggested Donations:

Free - Receive this class as a gift, paying $20 to hold your space which will be refunded with your attendance.

$20 - Donation towards cost of space rental if you choose not to refund your fee.

$33 - Donation towards space rental, teacher's travel. and time.

$40 - Donation towards space rental, teacher's travel and time and another person's ability to attend! 

You can also simply give what feels right in your heart.