Donna Dimino

Staten Island, New York

Qoya Classes are on the First and Last Friday's of the month, 6:30-8pm at Relax on Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Studio in Staten Island, NY. Please email Donna at for more information.

Donna facilitates ‘Living’ Body Awareness, a program she created in 2004 to empower others to move in harmony with their body, its natural alignment & the guidance it is offering in this moment. 
Using an intuitive sense, Donna works with listening to the language of the body to look more deeply as to what is needed for each experience. She believes that life is for us & that our bodies can act as a map to guide us back to ourselves allowing us to make choices in alignment with who we truly are & what we truly want to create in our lives & in our world.

She has a passion for bringing people back to themselves through movement, spiritual inquiry, writing and especially nature, whom she considers her greatest teacher.

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When did you take your first Qoya class? I took my first class on Earth Day at a Menla Retreat Center in NY in 2017. It was my first venture away from my home and my first live movement class after 1 1/2 years due to a car accident. I had come across Qoya online and did the Intro program. It resonated deeply and gave me the energy to travel and move again. The retreat and especially the Initiation training helped me along quite a long healing journey. I am so grateful to Rochelle for bringing so much depth and presence into each step of this work and for sharing with such generosity, openness, and love.

What does it mean for you to teach Qoya? For me Qoya is an empowering arc of movement that moves me every time I teach it. It creates a space to dance and flow with our everyday feelings to a place of remembering the power and delight of being ourselves. It is dancing with the wonder of a child and the pure freedom to be who we are after experiencing the hardships of life. It is resting in a river of feminine space while loving the whole of life.

What is your favorite song to dance to right now? Right now “Everywhere I Go” by Lissie as I find myself on my knees a lot these days! “Faith” by Stevie Wonder & Ariana Grande and “Shake” by Sam which I joyfullly contemplate how to “shake it like a bowl of soup and make my body loop de loop!!”

What book has inspired you on the path to embodying the feminine? In high school, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. published in 1892 brought forth a greater awareness of the inequity of women and awakened an urgency to be free as a women, especially creatively and in the choices I had. Years later I read Half the Sky and wondered why the root of the issues of how women were viewed and treated were not being addressed. This lead me to When the Women Were Drummers by Layne Redmond which deeply inspired me to bring to light the inequities and imbalances of the feminine and the masculine in ways that empowered both women and men and highlights what is possible.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of taking a Qoya class for the first time? I would invite them to follow the feeling of curiosity in their body! And let them know Qoya is an opportunity to reignite the wonder within, to play, let go, explore and rest in you.