Just Move

Imagine your fitness goals are as simple as these two words:

Just Move.

Be patient as your mind flash floods with questions like:

With whom?
What kind of movement?
How often?
How long each time?
Should I be at my peak heart rate?
What should I wear?
Do I need special equipment?

Here are some simple examples of how you can just move and find ways that you enjoy to move. The most important thing is that we get moving!

* Take a walk around somewhere beautiful. Invite a friend to come with you so you can walk and talk.

* Take a class that has caught your attention but, for whatever reason, you haven't made it there yet. Go now.

* Make one social date today around movement. Try to consciously plan more of your social dates around movement: go to yoga class together before you meet for dinner, take a walk after work, hike a mountain on the weekend,  paddle board surfing down a river (a new favorite of mine), try a pole dance (an old favorite of mine).…you get the picture. Just move (daily)!

For those of you interested in finding a movement system or more regular fitness schedule, my most sincere advice is this:

1) Pick something where you like the subculture (outfits, language, people it draws, community, etc.) because the second you get busy, bored, sick, or just apathetic, you won't go. The sense of community or draw of the subculture will keep you coming back even when your motivation seems low.

2) Find something you genuinely enjoy. If you aren't having fun, you won't stick with it and by the way - you shouldn't. There is so much fun to be had in movement; this is not another obligation to add to your list. Sample the full range of movement activities until you find the one that sings to you. In addition to the Qoya routines on this site, experiment with ways to integrate movement into more of your life by exploring ways to move your body that feel good.

The liberating part of JUST MOVE is that while having a movement practice and doing it in community is fun, those things are not necessary. When you need movement the most is when you are going to feel like it the least.

Let me say that again: when you need movement the most is when you are going to feel like it the least.

A lot of people think the only way we can exercise is in a specialized environment. Not true! The only thing you need to move your body is your body.


Pick any song you like, maybe a Beatles tune, and just move.

Start circling through your body. 
Circle a couple times to the right, then a couple times to the left.
Circle your:

rib cage

With each circle, pay attention to the sensations of your body.
Breathe into your movement and enjoy the simplicity of just moving.

You can also do this along with me in the video.



When you make your movement schedule, do it post-workout. When you're already enjoying the pleasant buzz in your body, your breath steadily going in and out, increased mental clarity, your body pulsing, and a high level of awareness - that’s when you want to pencil in your next movement session.

So, right now, after you’ve done your five minutes of circling and already a feel a little lighter, a little brighter - schedule a walk, make a date to explore that class you're curious about, or call that friend you miss and make your plan around movement.

It's so simple.
Just Move.

Describe how you feel after you work out.

Describe how you feel when you don’t work out for a week or longer.

Do you feel a difference if you "just move”? Even if it’s just five minutes of circling or a 10 minute walk? What do you notice?

What are some ideas of ways that you can "just move”?