The Quickest Way to Feel Happiness

Many of us look for "how to be happy" from books, self-help courses, therapy, etc.
I've done all of those things too.
However, the quickest way to feel happiness is to feel.
Feeling exists in the present moment, where emotions refer to the past and fear anticipates the future.
So how do you feel and be in the present moment most easily?

Through the body.

Your body is where it's at. 

Through your body, you can control/guide/inspire how you feel using movement.


Let's do an experiment to see if this is true for you.

For the next 30 seconds, shake your right hand intensely.
As fast as you can.
Get wild with it.
Really shake.
(Shake it like a Polaroid picture.)
Remember to breathe - take two more deep breaths as you shake your right hand only.
Now stop.

Gently cup both hands in front of your chest as if you were holding a ball. Feel the difference between your right hand and your left hand. Feel how one hand is stronger and at the same time lighter. Feel how one is more dull and less animated. How do your right and left hands feel different?

Next, we'll apply that same idea to activate each part of your body and feel your whole body more awake, alive and energized. 

Make it simple. Just turn on your current favorite song and shake each part of your body, moving through your whole body, for 3-5 minutes. Shake for about 10-15 seconds your:

whole body

Or - shake along with me in the video!



Observe your feelings after this movement, and remember lesson #1:

You can control/guide/inspire how you feel through movement.

Did you notice a difference in how you felt after the shaking exercise? 

Do you believe that movement can have an impact on how you are feeling? What makes you say yes? What makes you say no?

When would you use shaking in your daily life as a tool to wake up and connect with your body?

Have a beautiful day and we'll look forward to seeing you for Day Two!