Developing the communication guidelines that we would offer in Qoya classes, workshops and retreats wouldn’t be complete without your input as our valued Qoya teachers. Please review the guidelines below after completing the Compassionate Communication Training with Kayse Williams (found in the Continuing Education section of the Qoya Portal), then complete the survey below.

Four Pillars of Communication in Qoya

1 - Speak with Embodied Presence. Be in the moment. Stay connected to the feeling in your body. Speak from your heart with intention. Commit to taking responsibility for any triggers or projections you may be feeling before you speak. 

2 - Listen with Embodied Presence. Be in the moment. Stay connected to the feeling in your body as you listen to who is speaking. Receive their words into your heart. Release any habitual tendencies to give advice or fix by telling them what to do, one-up them, or turning their sharing into a story about yourself. 

3 - Speak to the Heart of the Matter. Be mindful of the time you’re taking when participating in group sharing so that there is a consideration of everyone and encouragement for everyone’s voice to have equal value. Instead of going into stories that have several, “and then...and then...and then…," feel into the essence of your story and share what will be the most valuable for you and for the group or partner you are sharing with.

4 - Be Spontaneous. Speak from the truth of the moment vs. thinking about what you’re going to say while someone else is speaking. Practice your ability to be in the present moment and trust that the true meaning of your words will be understood more clearly and easily from your embodied presence than from strategizing mentally.

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