Dreams. Desires. Plans.
If you're a woman, you have all three.

Dreams: the stories from your past, tended since you were a girl.
Desires: the fires you stoke in the present as the woman you are today.
Plans: the vision of the future that you're living into.

Without embodiment, your dreams live only in your imagination.
Waiting for the day you say yes to them,
the day you say yes to yourself.

The defining element of existence is embodiment.

You take your first and last breaths in your body,
and it is your constant companion on this journey.

Your dreams are no different.

Give them breath, and they will be born.
Give them nourishment, and they will grow.
Give them love, and they will sprout wings.

For a dream to come alive, it must be embodied.

As a woman, you are by nature a creator.

Your body knows how to do this:
to create, sustain, and nourish life.

All embodying your dreams takes
is remembering who you are.

All embodying your dreams takes
is the same willingness and creative spark
that you already bring to living your life.

Your body already co-creates life with your spirit.
Now it's time for it to co-create with your dreams.

You already know how to do this.
Now it's time to remember.

This retreat is an invitation to expand your ability to create.

The goal is not only to dream, but to give those dreams embodiment.

To do this, you will draw on your feminine wisdom cycles, the creative DNA hard-wired in your body. The more you understand each phase of these cycles, the more you will be able to harness your creative power, lean into the gift of each phase, and trust your body more and more.

In this retreat, we will explore these cycles as a map for creation. To prepare for the journey, you will get access to the online course, A Call to Create: Our Bodies are Made to Do This, which will take you through each step of the Feminine Map of Creation as expressed in the Qoya book.

This retreat will be a culmination of your journey through the course in which you will integrate all the wisdom you access in your own body through movements, rituals, community connections, pilgrimages, and other exercises.

It's a celebration of this journey and also the next step - to gather together and share all we’ve learned in sacred community and ceremony, then return home ready to create places for others to gather.


Begin: Chapter 1 - Find True North as the Physical Sensation of Truth in the Body

Go Within: Chapter 2 - Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

Get to Work: Chapter 3 - Anchor Yourself in this World Through Your Sacred Work

Reinvent: Chapter 4 - Find Your Wild, Creative Self

Receive Support: Chapter 5 - Follow the Call to Receive

Express: Chapter 6 - Feel Freedom

Commit: Chapter 7 - Live Your Life with Devotion

Let Go: Chapter 8 - See Your Inner Light

Lead: Chapter 9 - Create Places for Others to Gather

It will be a week of birth and rebirth,
each of us acting as both mother and midwife.

Just as a baby is made of the masculine and feminine combined,
the process of birth also marries feminine creative steps
with masculine action steps.

We will embody our dreams through:

-dancing with the masculine and feminine
-aligning our hearts and minds with our bodies
-honoring the past, celebrating the present, and looking to the future
-playing with the balance between action and surrender
-enjoying sweet, sacred union with our sisters

We embody our dreams.
So then what?

Then - your life moves in a new way.
You have new tools, beliefs, and ways of making decisions.
You have a community to lean on that fuels inspired action.

You feel PERMISSION to do things differently,
to expand and go past what you know,
and to exert your wholeness without apology,
trusting the voice and the feminine genius of your body.

New Decisions = New Life

Our classes and rituals will not only support you to embody your dream
but empower you to tend them beyond this retreat.

Most importantly, you will not be doing this alone, even after you have returned home.
You will return as part of a sisterhood whose bonds extend far past this retreat.

"The collective experience of focusing on "I am you, you are me, we are one" helped me realize that I'm really not as alone as I often feel in my struggles & pain. The fact that there were so many different teachers to co-leading us felt really comforting. I enjoyed getting to see all the different styles and perspectives that the women leading this journey bring to to their practice and teaching. I think having shared this experience with so many amazing women will help me to deepen my own practice. I'm so excited to have taken the next step towards where I want to be in this world by practicing my own sacred work rather than just plugging along doing what I "think" I should or have to do to get by. This experience has truly helped me to discover that and to embark upon the next step of my journey."

MEGAN, Retreat Participant

On this retreat, you will:

+ become a member of our Collective, a supportive, loving tribe

+ feel true heart connections with other women

+ learn practices to tap into and trust your body’s wisdom

+ experience authentic rituals and practices

+ heal your body with daily movement, nourishing food, and rest

+ spend time in nature to rejuvenate your soul

+ embrace your natural gifts as a creator

+ take inspired action to embody and tend your dreams

"Qoya. A few months ago, I was initiated into the magical world of Qoya by the fabulous founder, Rochelle Schieck. Having just spent a week studying with 30 or so other women, I can honestly say that Qoya is an essential way to connect with your own essence. Through dance, movement and meditation you remember. You remember how to feel truth in your body. You listen deeply to your intuition. And you feel into how wise and wild and free you really can be!"

GEMINI A, Retreat Participant


This retreat will be co-facilitated by Qoya founder Rochelle Schieck and 5 other Qoya Teachers:


March 24th, 2018
6:00pm: Delicious Dinner
7:45pm: Opening Ceremony

Tentative Daily Schedule (subject to change)
8-9am: Bountiful Breakfast
8:30-9:30 Optional Teacher Training
9:30am-12pm: Qoya Class
12pm-2pm: Lovely Lunch and time to rest
2pm-5pm: Afternoon Adventure or Workshop
5-7pm: Free Time and Delicious Dinner
7:30-10pm: Evening Ceremonies (Gratitude Despacho, Cacao, Fire and other Visionary Ceremonies)

*Wednesday: Qoya Class 9:30-12pm and then 2-5pm teacher training on Tuesday and Thursday.

March 31st, 2018
7am - 8am: Qoya Class
8am - 10am: Bountiful Breakfast
Blessings for your next adventure


If you are currently pursuing Qoya Teacher Training, the second step of our training Initiation Teacher Training ($600) will be offered at this retreat.

You must complete the Intro to Qoya online teacher training ($250) prior to the retreat.

Simply add Initiation Training to your retreat tuition in the shopping cart to register, then register and complete the Intro to Qoya online training if you haven't already.


This retreat will be held at Blue Spirit, one of the foremost world-class yoga and meditation retreat centers in Costa Rica. Located in Nosara, the center is perched on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a three-mile white sand beach that is protected as a turtle refuge. The pristine nature, subtropical climate, dedicated staff, and the healing energy of the center provides an extraordinary setting for spiritual transformation, personal growth, and environmental sustainability.

SOLD OUT: Superior Ocean View (Single Occupancy)
These beautiful double rooms have step-out balconies and lots of windows with extraordinary ocean views. The room is elegantly furnished to provide the most luxurious space for couples or singles. Each room has a king-sized bed, a private bathroom with solar hot water and air conditioning. Superior Ocean View rooms have a safety box large enough to fit a 17" laptop computer.

SOLD OUT: Ocean View (Double Occupancy)
These double rooms have step-out balconies and beautiful ocean views. The rooms are tastefully furnished and provide the perfect space for two people. Each room has a king-sized bed or two twins, with a private bathroom with solar hot water and air conditioning. Ocean View rooms have a safety box large enough to fit a 17" laptop computer.

SOLD OUT: Mountain View (Single Occupancy)
This double room has a step-out balcony and large windows with an extraordinary mountain view. The room is tastefully furnished and provides the perfect space for two people. It has a king-sized bed or two twins with a private bathroom with solar hot water and air conditioning. Mountain View Rooms have a safety box large enough to fit a 17" laptop computer.

Nature Suites (Double Occupancy)
Nature Suites are very cozy and located on a hillside overlooking the lush vegetation. They are simple and natural wood frame structures and have private bathrooms with an outdoor shower overlooking the jungle. Each Suite sleeps two people and includes a separate enclosed porch with a desk. All Suites have solar hot water as well as air conditioning. The Suites are a short walk up the hill to the Main Building. Nature Suites have a safety box large enough to fit a 17" laptop computer.

SOLD OUT: Hermitage Rooms (Single Occupancy)
These rooms are specifically designed for singles and provide privacy and elegance, while being cozy and inexpensive. Many of these rooms have partial views of the ocean and others of the mountains nearby, a queen-sized bed, a private bathroom with solar hot water and air conditioning. There are also a few Hermitage Rooms available with twin beds for two people. Hermitage Rooms have a safety box large enough to fit a 17" laptop computer.

Eco-Cottages (Double Occupancy)
The cottages are beautifully situated in lush vegetation, allowing for a sensual being-in-touch experience with nature. They are simple and natural wood frame structures with screening for natural ventilation. Each Cottage sleeps two people and has a private bathroom with ambient temperature water shower, or you can use our shared bathhouse with hot water showers. Everything runs on solar powered electricity to provide a comfortable and ecological setting. The Eco-Cottages are situated below the Main Building and involve a short hike up a stone stairway to get to the Main Building. Each Eco-Cottage has a safety box large enough to fit a 17" laptop computer.

Platform Tents (Single Occupancy)
Each Platform Tent has a queen-sized air mattress and is placed on a platform under a wooden roof for protection against the sun and rain. The Tents are surrounded by nature and close to a shared bathhouse. All linen, pillows, and towels are provided to guests. Guests in the Tents can bring valuables to be stored in the safety box at Reception at no charge.


This retreat is for women only ages 18+. All movement levels are welcome.

Your all-inclusive retreat tuition includes:

  • 7 nights eco accommodation
  • 3 meals a day of delicious, nourishing food
  • Qoya classes and rituals
  • 2 adventures (horseback riding, surfing, etc.)
  • 1-hour massage
  • A Call to Create online course

It does not include:

  • travel to Costa Rica
  • shuttle to the retreat center
  • $60 gratuity for retreat staff at checkout

Register for your spot below

Commuter (Staying Offsite - housing and transport not included)

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel for any reason and we can find a person to take your spot, we will refund the amount paid minus a $250 administration fee. If we cannot find a person to take your spot, there are no refunds; however, you can transfer your paid spot to someone else, so you can send a friend or family member to the retreat in your place.


Step into this Collective Qoya Retreat.
Share your wisdom. Learn from others.
Support others on their journey and be lifted on yours.

Embody your dreams.

Expand your ability to create and give yourself and your dreams new life.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What time of day does the course start, and what time does it finish?

It starts with dinner at 6pm on March 24th, and ends at 9am on the 31st. We recommend that you arrive around 4pm on the 24th to have time to settle in before dinner.

+ What's the closest airport to Blue Spirit?

We recommend that you fly into Liberia, and book a shuttle through Blue Spirit, which costs $60 (not included in your retreat tuition): http://www.bluespiritcostarica.com/shuttle-reservations

+ If I arrive a day early, will Blue Spirit allow me to pay for an extra night and stay there?

No - you will need to book a room nearby and arrive at Blue Spirit on the 25th.

+ What is the Initiation Teacher Training?

Initiation Teacher Training is our second level of teacher training for those people pursuing the journey of becoming a Certified Qoya Teacher or who wish to form their own home practice. If you are a regular Qoya participant, Teacher Training is an amazing way to bring more structure and inspiration to your personal practice, and to go deeper into the fundamentals of Qoya. Similarly, if you are new to Qoya and wish to dive deep with the practices, teacher training is a wonderful way to submerge yourself in all things wise wild and free. For more information: http://www.qoya.love/qoya-teacher-training/

+ I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Any questions we haven't covered here? Email us at info@qoya.love.