A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning, and it has no end - and if you put several circles over each other, then you get a spiral.
— Maynard James Keenan


To circle is to come back to center,
physically and metaphorically.

This is an invitation for you to come back to your center
in a sacred circle of Qoya teachers in Taos, New Mexico.

We gather in a circle to dance, and our circle creates a spiral,
rippling out past this weekend and back into your circle at home.

The energetic transmission of Circling is going with the flow. Using movement as metaphor, how can you explore your willingness to go with the flow in life through dancing with the feminine flow in your body?

In a Qoya class, Circling is also where we introduce the idea:

"It doesn't matter what it looks like. Instead, focus on how it feels."

What happens when we focus less on how it looks and more on how it feels?  The prayer is that an innate wisdom inside of us honors the interconnectedness of all things. Through movement, we activate the sensation of resonance with our integrity that not only feels good to us, but feels in alignment with others and the earth.

As we often say when we teach, our bodies are 70% water and the earth is 70% percent water, so as we circle, we invite the ability to flow from one movement to the next releasing any patterns of rigidity and spiraling back into the center of ourselves.

This intimate Qoya Teachers Retreat will share that intention - to bring us back to ourselves - in of Rochelle's favorite places in the world, the Earthships and Hot Springs surrounding Taos, New Mexico.


The circles you create in life form the spiral back to your center.


Monday, July 16th
10:45am: Arrival at the Earthship near Taos, NM
11:11am: Welcome Circle and Opening Ceremony
12:00pm: Qoya Class Invoking the Spirit of Water
2:00pm: Lunch and Lounging
4:00pm: Connect with the element of water through meditation, rituals, and exercises, including a Water Gratitude Ceremony (please bring sacred water from a place that's special to you)
7:00pm: Dinner Out (not included in course tuition)

Tuesday, July 17th
Breakfast on your own!
10:00am: Qoya Class at the Earthship near Taos, NM
12:00pm: Lunch
2:00pm: Meet at Ojo Caliente for Qoya Water Rituals and personal time to explore the spa
7:00pm: Closing Sunset Circle at Ojo Caliente
8:30pm: Dinner Out (not included in course tuition)





Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian is a pioneer of the sacred! In addition to being a Qoya teacher, she's a Certified Practitioner and Self-care Teacher of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and a Mayan Spiritual Healing Practitioner of the same lineage. 

She has inspired an entire community of women in Dubai where she is from, as well as in New Zealand where she lives now, sharing tools that heal, empower and inspire the feminine. When it comes to building and nurturing circles of women, Samar is an expert. 

I have learned so much from Samar in the many years we have danced together, and I've traveled to New Zealand twice to certify Qoya teachers down under, which Samar is doing now! 

She's an integral energy to Qoya, a MAJOR water babe, and I feel so lucky that she will be in the U.S. during our retreat so we can all explore the transmission of circling deeper together through water.


The Qoya Teachers Retreats are offered in a Pay What You Are Inspired format.

The cost listed at checkout is for supplies and basic costs of putting on the retreat only. Your payment of $333 will cover your Qoya Classes, Rituals, Entrance Fee to Ojo Caliente, and 2 Lunches. 

Once you pay this fee to secure your spot at the retreat, you will be sent to a page to Pay What You Are Inspired for the course tuition itself, and choose what feels right for you. You can also wait until after the retreat to feel into an amount that feels right.

Please note: you will be responsible for organizing and covering the costs of your ground transportation and breakfasts, and you'll likely want to rent a car or coordinate to share a car with other teachers. Dinner locations will be organized, but you will cover the cost of your own meal.


For accommodations, you can stay wherever you like around Taos. If you want to look for a place on Airbnb, type in "Earthship Way Taos" and see homes close to the retreat.

The Earthship where we will be gathering is 20-30 minutes away from most places in Taos.

Ojo Caliente hot springs is about 40 minutes from the Earthship and 50 minutes from Taos. 

We also have 2 spots available in an Earthship. It is a 2-bedroom place, so you will have your own bedroom to yourself for $333 for 2 nights.  Please note you will not be able to check in early in the day on July 17th, but you can leave your things at our Qoya HQ Earthship.  To reserve a spot in the Earthship, simply select that option at checkout.


Earthships are defined by six basic design principles, all of which take advantage of the existing natural phenomena of the earth. They incorporate many natural and reclaimed materials in their construction, and they heat and cool themselves without electric heat, burning fossil fuels or wood. Every building has its own renewable “power plant” with photovoltaic panels, batteries, charge controller, and inverter, and Earthships collect all of their water from rain and snowmelt on the roof, storing this water in cisterns. Every drop of water that lands on an Earthship roof is used four times, so homes can subsist and even thrive without taking water from the ground or municipal sources, creating truly sustainable homes that place minimum impact on their environment.


Pricing is per person.

This retreat is open to anyone who has completed or is currently enrolled for the Qoya Teacher Training Intensive.

Your retreat includes 2 days of:

  • Qoya Classes and Rituals
  • Lunchs
  • Spa Access at Ojo Caliente

What’s not included:

  • Retreat Tuition! Pay what you are inspired for Rochelle's teaching.
  • Breakfasts or Dinners
  • Ground Transportation
  • Accommodations unless you opt to stay in an Earthship (additional cost of $333 - simply select that option at checkout)

Register today to claim your spot:

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel for any reason and we can find a person to take your spot, we will refund the amount paid minus a $250 administration fee. If we cannot find a person to take your spot, there are no refunds; however, you can transfer your paid spot to someone else, so you can send a friend or family member to the retreat in your place.

Instead of following the thoughts, follow the feeling. Focus less on how it looks and more on how it feels. There’s no way you can do it wrong, and if it feels good, you are doing it right.
— Rochelle Schieck