Once you have
touched it
there is no
division; no tearing
your heart away.
For it knows
no separation.
— Oracle of Apollo from Anatolia


The best book ever.  A truly healing text.

The best book ever.

A truly healing text.

Rochelle traveled to upstate New York to the home of visionary artists Alex Grey and Allyson Grey for a weekend workshop devoted to the divine feminine. One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting Carolyn Garcia, who was married to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead for 13 years and mother to their two daughters. They sat on the grass together indulging in life’s biggest luxury: Time. As the sun began to set, they reflected on the way that when an artist follows the call within, the art they create can travel so far.

Carolyn shared with Rochelle, “There was so much change in the air, and people were ready for it. They were remembering who they were, and the music was an avenue where people could come together in community. It was a place to gather.” And gather they did. The 1998 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes the Grateful Dead with a listing under the heading, “Most Rock Concerts Performed” (2,318 concerts) to an estimated 25 million people.

Rochelle Schieck and Carolyn Garcia in Hudson Valley, NY 2010

Rochelle Schieck and Carolyn Garcia in Hudson Valley, NY 2010

In the final chapter of Rochelle's book, read how Carolyn Garcia's words "a place to gather" became a powerful way to understand what is truly important about Qoya.

May this book and its ideas always offer you a place to gather.

Rochelle at the Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead Tour in Northern California


Rochelle's favorite way to pray with her body is to press shuffle and dance the blessing of whatever plays next, knowing that the song is perfect. While doing this one morning during sunrise at Burning Man, photographer Jim Bourg happened to be walking by and caught this moment.


One must begin in one’s own life the private solutions that can only in turn become public solutions.
— Wendell Berry

Qoya is Rochelle's daily ritual and the map for the journey from head to heart, from judging to feeling, from forgetting to remembering. And like we have all learned, one epiphany or moment of joy doesn’t promise that the next moment will be the same. Life requires the sensitivity and willingness to return, again and again, to your center, your truth, and your deepest knowing as a physical sensation of the divine in your body. May your ritual provide a meaningful portal to this return.


Each of us touches one specific place in this world and begins to understand the whole that way, through our unique experiences, strengths, and places of brokenness. The gift of gathering in conscious community is sharing what we have learned and the willingness to be exposed to what others have to offer.


Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.
— Rumi

In Chapter 9, Rochelle shares her favorite teaching story by Rumi called In Baghdad, Dreaming of Cairo: In Cairo, Dreaming of Baghdad

You can find it here. You can also find it inside your own story.


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