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Setting an Intention


What you put your attention on grows. By consciously setting an intention we call on the power of our mind to focus on what we are calling into our lives.


In addition to the way I commonly have us set an intention in the videos through movement you could also experiment with other creative and fun ideas like:


  1. Have them set their intention internally with movement by standing up and inhaling arms up and exhale arms circle down and after they connect to their breath, have a mantra, "I am dancing for ..." And they fill in the blank with their intention and say several times. 
  2. Have everyone blow their intention into an object like a rock or seashell and then they can take it with them as a reminder
  3. Have rose petals that they blow their intention into and sprinkle around their yoga mat
  4. Have them light a candle while thinking of their intetnion, place it somewhere in the room and at the end of the class blow it out like when you blow out your birthday 
  5. Bring a deck of goddess cards and have everyone pull one. Give them a moment to look at it and then set an intention guided by that card and share with a partner or the group.
  6. Have them write down their intention on a piece of paper and share with a partner
  7. Give out a piece of chocolate to blow their intention into infusing it with energy and then
  8. eat it after
  9. Create your own!




Sometimes if someone does not have an intention practice and you just have them do it quickly in their mind, they get confused and don't end up deciding on something specific. So, be aware of that and invite them to find clarity around their intention so they can get most out of the experience. Have fun!


The Intention is just for them. You can offer it in the class gently if there is some free movement to dance the intention deeper into their heart or their hips, but mostly intention is about planting a seed and letting the universe support it. Just like you plant a seed in the earth and the soil nourishes it and the rain and the sun call it forward. Intention is not like goal setting that requires great effort, it's more about setting a direction.


The most common way Rochelle sets an intention for class is to have women set their intention is through movement. To inhale arms

up to sky, and exhale arms circle back down. Do this several times to connect with the breath

and with the present moment and then invite them to open their mind and their heart to set an intention and repeat it to themselves like a mantra, “Today, I am dancing for _____”  Encourage them to do this a couple times on their own (silently), say, “Let’s do a couple more together. 


Inhale and say to yourself,  "Today I am dancing for _____."

And imagine

planting your intention like a seed in your body. 

Say, to yourself, "Inhale, Today I am dancing for _____." 


your intention like a seed in this circle, in this room. 

Once more, saying to yourself, like a mantra, "Today I am dancing for _____." 

And lastly,

planting your intention like a seed in this world. 




If there is free time left in the music you have them dance the physical sensation of their

intention deeper into their body. And when it flows, remind them to think of, honor or dance their

intention in class. Examples are: after the heart opening, to free dance their heart dancing their

intention or in the sun salutations to do a round honoring their intention or at the end with their

partner to share what their intention was. 



Please post any other ideas you have about creative and meaningful ways for women to set an intention!


Thank you!