#7 Sensual Movement

teacher training- https://vimeo.com/42160108
feeling good in the hips: https://vimeo.com/23464761
sensual circling: https://vimeo.com/27258864
hip circling: https://vimeo.com/26093111
body rolling/ like a wave in the ocean: https://vimeo.com/27346921

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To me, “sensual movement,” is simply reclaiming two main parts of feminine body: the chest and the pelvis. The physical home of our heart and our pleasure center. The intention is not to “look sexy” but to feel liberated and able to take pleasure from being in your body as it is.

The main focus when teaching sensual movement is to:
1. Slow Down 2. Feel More

See the different examples of sensual movement in the videos and also give yourself room to make up your own sequence simply following the pleasure of your own body.

The best way to teach sensual movement is to embody it. To show what it looks like to be expressive of your sacred and sensual self with power and love.

We are all culturally healing from thousands of years of persecution for doing so. So, be patient with yourself and your students if there is any shyness or resistance to sensual movement. Explore your awareness on the topic of feminine sensuality with some of the recommended books.
Liberating oneself and holding space for other women to be liberated sensually is an incredible honor.

I have many amazing stories of women being opened through sensual movement and then having that positively affect their relationships and lives, but here's a short sweet story to express what has been known to happen! Manyt times when I’m teaching a Qoya class, I get a follow up report that that evening for women is was a wild and free night for them. Many of my married friends say their husbands love Qoya because the women come home all turned on. By being able to reconnect to the sacred and sensual pulse in our own bodies, we’re able to experience more of it out of class. It is such a gift to feel safe and connected to express ourselves sensually. In Qoya, we get to create it individually and hopefully take it out into our lives having a lot more sensual and connected people in the world.

For some of you, sensual movement will be easy and fun and for others it might be challenging, so I want to offer that the way I often reconcile the cultural stigma with being sensual is to think of myself as truly divine. I had the idea once, that If I really believed that I was a divine, I would probably be having a better time. I would probably struggle less. The human limitations are what so many of us struggle with but when we remember we are divine, life becomes limitless and filled with so much pleasure.

Sensuality is one of the most pleasurable experiences a woman can have. I hope that you can fully immerse yourself into that feeling in Qoya and that we can all have more pleasurable and sensual experiences in our life. Sound good? I look forward to hearing your stories!

Let your hips lead.  Start with several plies where your legs are a couple of feet apart and you inhale bending your knees coming down legs towards a 90 degree angle and then come back up to warm up your hips and legs. Begin the sequence by plieing down and coming up, leading with your pelvis to the right 4x like you are tracing the letter J or making a fish hook. Then 4x coming down and up to the left.4x coming down and up to the front, letting your body unravel. 4x coming down and leading with the sit bones pushing back to the back wall with the confidence of the way a peacock spreads itʼs feathers.Then do the sequence 2x each down and up to the right, left, front, back. Do the sequence one time each going down and coming up leading with the pelvis to the right, left, front and back. After a couple minutes of moving, I find this is a great opportunity to allow for some free movement, imagining that the hips were initiating every movement and letting them move anyway that they want to.Amping up the voice of your hipsThere are several movements you can do here, but be sure to ground in the intention of feeling the sensation of your hips and pelvis as you move. Many times women will be so “in their head” they rarely have the opportunity to really feel the heat, turn on and pulse that is always available to them in their pelvis. Here are some ideas of simple movements. Keep your mind open to exploring more ways on your own.

● Hip Circles
● Tracing a Figure 8 or infinity symbol with your hips
● Doing small circles around the big circle
● Swinging your hips front and back
● Swaying your hips from side to side
● Various intentions for free movement initiating in the pelvisWhen teaching sensual movement, always keep the instructions simple so that the majority of the womanʼs attention can be placed on feeling the pleasure of each movement without having to over think anything.

Teacher Notes:Helpful Instructions and cues for sensual movement:

Slow down and notice how you can feel more
Slow down and feel the spaceSend your breath into your hips
Take a deep breath and S l o o o o o o w w w w D o w w w w n
The only way your know if you are doing it right is if it feels good 
Soak up the sensation like a sponge
allow your jaw to soften... 
feel your hips follow
Nourish yourself with the pleasure you feel
Let your body guide you
Breathe deep into every movement
Let goSurrender to your hips
Unravel your hips
Imagine you are in the ocean and the music is the current pulling your hips: Listen to your hips
Revel in the pleasure
If it feels good you are doing it right
How do your hips move easily today? right now? 
Let your hips teach you
Be generous with your movement
Let your hips tell what they know
Give your hips permission to tell what they know/your story explore the infinite space in your pelvis and hips

Music Suggestions
Bebel Gilberto – Samba Da Bencao, Céu – Lenda (Eidetaker Encanto Mix)– chan chan, Paula Cole – Feelin' Love, Portishead – Glory Box - Live, Asa – The way I feel, Sheila E. – Noon Rendezvous, Prince – I Wonder U, Céu – You Won't Regret It, Zap Mama – Sweet Melody, Aaliyah – One In A Million,Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan, Björk – Big Time Sensuality on Live Debut album 5:08 min, Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me, Lhasa De Sela – De Cara a la Pared, Funkadelic – I Wanna Know If It's Good To You, Tune-Yards – Powa, Elysian Fields– Chance, Feist – Leisure Suite, Amadou & Mariam – Je Te Kiffe - feat. Juan Rozoff, Florence + The Machine – Addicted To Love, Beyoncé – Fever, Sade – Cherish The Day, Fiona Apple – Across The Universe, Shuggie Otis – Sweet Thang, Cat Power – Sea of Love, All Star African, Drum Ensemble – Egyptian Drums - Belly Dance, All Star African Drum Ensemble – Belly Dance Drumming, Sarah Vaughan – Whatever Lola Wants, Funkadelic – You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks, Ben Sollee – How to See The Sun Rise