1. Gather a variety of things for your ceremony: rocks, shells, sand, leaves, flowers (that have
fallen - please don’t pick flowers from the land here). Try to honor all the elements the best you can (earth, water, fire, air).
2. For this sand painting, find a place that calls to you.  Let your intuition guide you...make sure you are outside in nature. It’s important this ceremony is performed on the earth.   
3. Call in the directions to open sacred space.
4. Make a circle with some of your objects, and inside start to blow your prayers into the
different objects to represent 4 different energies:
    1st - the things that you are releasing and letting go of in your life right now
    2nd - the shadow aspect that you cannot even see or name, but can feel  
    3rd - your soul’s passions and dreams and all the love and support that you do feel now
    4th - the biggest dream you have, the one that’s hard to admit because it is so big
****Remember ceremony is not about trying to fix or change anything. It is about honoring things as they are. Take time to blow your prayers into the objects you choose to represent these parts of your life. Follow your inner guidance to make sure everything feels right.
5. Let the sand painting sit for a couple of hours on the earth.
6. Come back to it, and notice if there is anything that you want to change or shift and then do so. Take a few moments to sit and meditate, and be open to receiving any clear messages. Be sure to write down what you receive.  
7. When you feel complete, take the sand painting apart, putting everything back in nature and taking your gifts with you, consciously integrating them into your life.