Prerequisites: Intro to Qoya Online Training

What you'll get: tuition to both a live Initiation Training and our online Initiation Training

What you'll do: To complete the full Initiation requirement to be eligible for the Intensive, you will:

-attend a live training in person
-take 11 Qoya class either online or in person
-teach 11 Qoya classes to friends and family
-submit review forms for 3 classes

*You can also attend Initiation training if you do not wish to complete the Intensive, but simply wish to deepen your home practice.

What you'll learn: Through the 11-hour live training with accompanying online course, you will learn teaching methods, practice what you’ve learned by teaching to friends and family, and most importantly, receive teaching from Rochelle, deepening your understanding of Qoya through your own experience. 

Who you're certified to teach: Friends and Family for free

Where it's available: You can complete the live portion of the Initiation training at selected Qoya Retreats as well as Standalone Initiation Trainings.



October 6 - 7: Dubai, United Arab Emirates with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian

October 7 - 14: Blush Love Retreat in Portugal with Kate Taylor

October 13 - 21: Online Initiation Training with Sara Ballard

October 27 - 29: New Castle, Virginia with Lindsay McKinnon

November 4 - 5: Dorset, England with Sonja Lockyer

November 5 - 10: Australia Retreat with Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian

January 19 - 21: Roanoke, Virginia with Lindsay McKinnon

March 24 - 31: Collective Retreat with the Qoya Collective Teachers

Cost: $600, plus travel, accommodation, and retreat tuition (if held at a Qoya retreat)

For more info, email