An evolution of the summer road trip, the Infinity Migration is a passion project to Track the Evolutionary Integration of Consciousness through salon style conversations, immersive experiences and movement as metaphor. 

We are driving our car symbolically in the shape of an
infinity loop to take the cultural pulse in 20 different
cities by asking the question:   

Once you have woken up to the essence of who you are and the interconnection of all things, how are you integrating that awareness into your daily life?  


There is undeniably a huge change coming through all of our lives and humanity at this time. What is before us is completely unknown.  We are all being initiated in our own ways to come into agreement with this transition. At the same time, there are whispers of empowerment that offer us the invitation like the ancients before us understood, that this is a time to dream our new world into being.

While many spiritual movements (like my own!) focus on remembering who you are, this project believes the next level of conversation is what happens after you remember who you are.


What happens after you remember that you are the Divine itself
coming to experience itself...and so is everyone else?


We will invite you to look at how you are integrating your moments of awakening through embodiment, the balance of your masculine and feminine energy, and how you are co-creating a lifestyle and community that reflects your inner understanding.

We each have personally have sat down with thousands of people who have shared beautiful moments of trusting the call inside of themselves to evolve. In a retreat setting or workshop, they can feel empowered and inspired, but when they go back to the “real world,” they may lose their enthusiasm or simply forget and get weighed down in a land of distraction and obligation.

Our intention is to experience the joy of community, knowing we are not alone in dreaming a new world into being. Collaborating with local thought leaders, we will offer transformational content to inspire positive change and have important conversations about the evolutions we are all experiencing individually and collectively. At the same time, we will be compiling shareable content through various media avenues like live streaming, as well as recording audio and video that will be available on a website that will serve as a resource for all on this path (coming soon!)

We’re also going to have a lot of FUN and invite you to join us! Every moment we wake up, let’s start a habit of infusing our energy into the earth. With each event, we will be crystallizing the energy by planting a crystal back in the earth and receiving a message to create a new manuscript written specifically for navigating these blessed and challenged times. What is unique about this particular manuscript, is that we will write it TOGETHER.


In addition to joining us for any of our events, you can also participate by infusing your evolutionary energy into a crystal or rock, activating it, and offering it back to the earth, then opening yourself for a message through dance or meditation that uses the 3 unique words of that location from the app What3words, then sending your message to us at in the following format:

Your 3 words
Your sentence
Your name (optional)
Photo (optional)

What3words mapped the entire globe into 57 trillion 3 meter by 3 meter squares, each with three unique words. We’re going to utilize this new technology of geolocation, so that any time you have an inspired moment of awakening, find a stone or crystal and go to a place where you offer and anchor that consciousness to the earth, literally and metaphorically. 

Literally, you blow the energy of your awareness into the crystal (or rock) and put it in the earth. Metaphorically, you infuse your consciousness into form as a gesture of your dedication to infuse whatever insight you had into form - into your body, into your daily living, into this world.

When you find a place to bury the crystal or stone, pull up your app and it will give you three words that are unique to that particular location where you are anchoring the energy of your awareness into the earth.

Next we recommend playing a song (or our favorite, pressing shuffle on all your music) and dancing with your feet on that land to feel yourself as a conduit between earth and sky. Stay open to any supportive ethereal energies coming into form, and listen to your heart and bones for a message that includes those three words. You could also meditate in stillness to hear a message - whatever loosens the grip of your mind to be able to better hear the sound of the soul.  

Use the three words from the geolocation, and write a sentence to share in our collective manual.


The place where I am writing this right now is Los Angeles, California. When I pull up the app, the 3 words are learns, spun, and forest.

I danced in this space, felt my body awaken, and in that awakening, extended my consciousness to my essence through all past incarnations, future incarnations, and in all dimensions. Beyond the illusion of time, I pulsed with the eternal rhythm of the one heart and blew that energy into a rose quartz crystal. Remembering the original promise of love, I anchored that energy in the earth and then turned on music to be moved by and move to. As I danced, I listened for a message, a secret to be revealed (that incorporates those three words) to be shared.  

What I felt was, “If she learns that all she seeks rises up from the earth to meet Her and all she must do is lay down the offerings she has spun, she will be initiated into the forest of visions.”


Before the Qoya Guatemala Retreat, I was sharing this with some of the women. We pulled up the app and found our three words were CIRCUS. COMIC. SCOPING.

Together, we called forward in our bodies the physical sensation of everything we knew to be true in our bones. Our faith. Our love. Our resilience. Our hope. Then together, we wrote this sentence to infuse our awareness into form:

"When entering a circus - and when we say circus, we mean lila, life, the illusion and the embodiment - be a playful comic, and believe in the magic, as we are all scoping out this earth to find a new moon."

What is the next part of this manual to navigate these changes?
Will you help us write it?

To summarize: after you offer your crystal to the earth, get your three words, dance your dance, and become a conduit for a message for all of us, submit your one sentence to and together we will create the guidebook for this phase of awakening together.

The best part of recognizing and remembering who we are is that we get to recognize and remember who everyone else is. Each one of us has a role to play in this evolution of consciousness and we want to help support you with the tools, practices and community to experience the fulfillment of living an embodied life that is wise, wild and free.


Infinity Migration is a convergence between Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya, and D. Miller, founder of Project Butterfly.

Since Qoya's inception in 2009, Rochelle Schieck has trained hundreds of Qoya teachers, taught thousands of Qoya movement classes, and led dozens of retreats in the most sacred places on earth with one intention in mind: to remember, and to help others do the same. Her work has been featured in outlets like New York Magazine,, The Telegraph, and Psychology Today, and she is the author of Qoya: A Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life that is Wise, Wild and Free.

Qoya is a lifestyle, philosophy, movement system and social movement for the evolution of consciousness based on the idea that through movement, we remember. Through Movement, Ritual, Community, and Pilgrimage, we remember our essence as wise, wild and free.  Wise, wild and free also call on the movement forms we practice. Wise - calling on the wisdom of yoga. Wild - the creative expression in dance. Free - expanding our capacity to enjoy being in our bodies through more feminine movement.

D. Miller flows as a curator, producer, creative director, project manager and cross-pollinator. Holding a vast array of skills and life/work experience, D has the uncanny ability to envision and manifest high vibrational collaborations and experiences that incite authentic engagement and transformation.

For the past 4 years, D has been a co-curator, co-producer and lead stage manager for the Lucent Temple of Consciousness at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival for the Do Lab. Other projects include Transformational Immersive Media Domes, VR, film production and live experiences from festivals, retreats, and conferences aimed towards positive transformation. From 2005-2012, D was the director and founder of Project Butterfly, an organization that produced, co-produced and/or sponsored over 250 events. The mission of Project Butterfly is to cross-pollinate with individuals and organizations actively engaged in positive change. PB is currently in metamorphosis, in the chrysalis, and is anticipating flight once again upon further directives.


We will be offering a Qoya retreat, Qoya workshops, Qoya Initiation teacher trainings, salon style conversations, and more as we drive across the country this summer!


The Migration is currently in R&D mode.

(Rest & Development and/or Rochelle & D!)

We will be back on the road later this year and in 2017.

Join our list if you wish to get updates specifically about Infinity Migration events and the website to host our collective cosmic manual when it is complete!

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