#6 Heart Opening
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Feminine Warm Up- https://vimeo.com/42139879
dancing your heart beat- https://vimeo.com/27214193

heart circling- https://vimeo.com/27261236

seated heart opening: https://vimeo.com/27342639


This is where it starts to become evident why the class is only for women.Here we start to open up our hearts- literally and figuratively with sensual movement.

Literally- we move as if dancing our heartbeat and physically stretch and open the front and back of our hearts while waking up the middle spine, which can sometimes feel tight with a more sedentary lifestyle.Figuratively- we travel six inches from your head to your heart. Imagine as you move to the rhythm of the music you can tune into the rhythm of your own heart and perceive from there.

Hear the music through your heart.See through the eyes of your heart.Experience the sensations of your body through your heart.Notice the difference in the quality of perception when you perceive from the heart.
I have a theory that when you are connected to the rhythm of the music- you are happy. I see it all the time in my classes. When someone can really connect to the rhythm of the music and the rhythm of the moment. They just start to smile. There's something very pleasurable about feeling the rhythm. So, let this part of the warm up, the opening up of the heart, also be an opportunity to tap into the healing and enjoyable connection to rhythm.Encourage your students to LISTEN to the music. Sometimes we're so caught up in our minds, we don't even really hear the music, we're just kind of mindlessly moving to it. The more you can connect to the music, the more you can be swept away in it and use the music as a muse for expression. Have fun and Feel the Rhythm!

Dancing your heartbeat (Chest isolations)

● Inhale to open and stretch the front of your heart as you arch your spine. -Exhale to open and stretch the back of your heart as you round.
● Continue this movement slowly for several repetitions.● Then move to the rhythm of the music emulating the rhythm of your heartbeat where youmovement is an exaggerated heartbeat.
● You can also increase the speed to be faster if appropriate.
● Isolate your rib cage by moving your chest front, side, back, side keeping the hips mostlystill. Start slowly and then go double time and practice leading with the heart.
● Then bring it into a circle of isolations circling your chest to the front, side, back, side afew times around and then switching directions.
● At the end, let your heart lead and move the body anyway it wants to move (maybe directing them to think back to their intention and notice how it feels in the body).

Helpful Instructions and cues:Hear the music through your heart/See through the eyes of your heart/Experience the sensationsof your body through the eyes of your heart Feel your movements through your heart. Pulse the rhythm though your body Surrender to your hearts perspectiveFeel the life force that animates your body Take up space.Soften into your heartUnravel your heart and rhythmLet your heart guide you to dance how it feels best right now Perceive through your heartExpand in all directionsAllow the pulse of life to move through you and carry youImagine you are a speaker and the music is playing out of your body.

Music SuggestionsMacy Gray – Beauty in the World, The Touré-Raichel Collective – Azawade, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Holy Roller, HaBanot Nechama – So Far / Lihiot, Tinariwen – Tenhert, Baaba Maal – Television, Macy Gray – Beauty in the World, Vampire Weekend – White Sky, Electric Lotus – Ali Mola, Porcelain Raft – Unless You Speak From Your Heart, Arema Arega – Ay,Ziggy Marley – True To Myself, SWV – Right Here (Human Nature Duet) - Demolition 12" Mix, Balkan Beat Box – Dancing With The Moon, Cheb i Sabbah – Toura Toura, Erykah Badu – My Life, Janet Jackson – That's The Way Love Goes, Guru's Jazzmatazz – Plenty - Feat. Erykah Badu, Mankwe – Find My Own, Bebe – Siempre Me Quedará, Beats Antique – Nesatavo, Beats Antique – Beauty Beats, Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule - 2009 Digital Remaster, Cheb i Sabbah – Toura Toura: The Nav Deep Remix, Mary J. Blige – Real Love, MC Yogi – Give Love