Dianne Sheperd

Ithaca, New York


Dianne has been teaching yoga and pilates for many years and more recently teaches Barre.  She loves movement techniques that empower and inspire women to tap into the magnificence of their body.  She has recently begun her teacher's journey in Qoya and is thrilled to explore new horizons in body, mind, spirit and sisterhood!

When did you take your first Qoya class? In January 2014 in NYC
What does it mean for you to teach Qoya?  I am excited to begin teaching!  For me I feel it offers a way to connect with women on a deep soulful level.  I also see it as a fresh opportunity to lead movement based in pleasure and desire that really lights me up! Sensuality to me is prayer and Qoya is so about that!  Qoya allows us to put our truth in motion.  It's so deeply healing. I am also a big music junkie and love sharing songs with people; and to dance too?  that's heaven!
What is your favorite song to dance to right now? Cavalier by Shovels and Rope  I love it in the heart opening part of class!
What book has inspired you on the path to embodying the feminine?  Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler  I love her research into the ancient culture of Mionan Crete where pleasure and partnership ruled supreme; a shining example of what's possible when we give reverence to the feminine. It gives me hope for the world.
What would you tell someone who is thinking of taking a Qoya class for the first time?  Go!  It's a movement class like none other!  In Qoya if it feels good, you are doing it right, so just dive in!  It's an awesome way to connect with like minded women.