#12 Community Sharing


teacher training video link: https://vimeo.com/42163413

password: qoya



Community connection is essential to every Qoya class.


Whether in the beginning, middle or end, each woman in every Qoya class will have an opportunity to share with a partner or with the group. Language helps us ground our

experience and root our place in this community of dancers. This exercise gives us practice

in the importance of holding space as a sacred witness to each individual, remembering the

interconnectedness of us all, acknowledging the other woman as you.



Some examples of how this can be done:


●  Partner up and share intentions with another woman

●  Dedicate the class or a song to someone else then partner up and share who you chose and why.

●  Do the grapevine- Have 2 women to face each other while doing the grapevine step back

and forth. Woman #1 shares her vision while woman #2 listens, then woman #2 mirrors

back her vision x 10!

●  Half Pigeon. Partner up and come into half pigeon for final stretching and have each

woman share 3 gratitudes. After both women have gone, switch legs and have each

woman share 3 desires. Encourage them not to be vague (“I am grateful for my health,”

“my house and my job,”) but to really go deep into the specifics (“I am grateful for how

resilient my immune system is,” “I am grateful for being able to do work that feels like my

soul calling.”) Really tap into the golden nugget of the gratitude! 

●  Share. At the end of class, you can gather everyone in a circle and encourage women

to share their name, something they liked about class, or an epiphany they had. I

recommend saying, “Let it be like popcorn and just speak when you feel authentically

called to speak.” (Instead of forcing everyone to say something if you go around in a



Itʼs really limitless the ways in which you can offer an opportunity for women to connect. I advise

to always keep it in the framework of gratitudes, desires, intentions, visions, and dedications.

Realize that many of us in our culture are pre-programmed to co-miserate, so learning to build

bonds over positive and soulful connections is a new way of communication for us.


Through the movement in class and the language in sharing, we stand for the embodiment of

each woman and her entitlement to feel more feminine, for her to feel empowered through her

love, intuition, transparency, self-expression, and radiance. Through our movement and sharing,

we encourage one another to shine confidently as women who know they are wise, wild and free.